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the past six weeks

Robert and I arrived home a few days ago after spending the past six weeks exploring and working in London, UK. Now that my work contract is over, I can finally let the cat out of the bag and post some photos of what we have been up to!

We had such a great time working at the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics that one of our goals while living in London last year was to line up work with the London 2012 Olympics. London being one of our favourite cities, not to mention English speaking, it just seemed logical to try and see what work was out there. Four weeks later, with two sore feet, lots of sweat, some tears, and 18 Olympic events later; I am happy to say that we have both survived. Was it hard? Absolutely! This was hands down one of the most challenging, stressful, but rewarding moments of my entire event career. Will I do it again in two years? Never say never right?

I am looking forward to sharing some more pictures from my travels over the next week or two. In the meantime, here are some snapshots of the events that I had the opportunity to attend including the 100m final with Usain Bolt! Unfortunately, when you are running around like a crazy person with little sleep, taking pictures wasn’t on the top of my list. That’s ok though, because I was lucky enough to be there.

big shout outs to Marie, the best hostess one could ever ask for! x

in the city :: instagram

Counting down the remaining days of my work contract and savouring as much as this City as we can.  Plenty keeping us busy lately and spending too much money time grabbing warm croissants for breakfast and sandwiches for lunch to help us through the long days. This week’s theme is “get’er done”, but first, maybe an afternoon nap or a quick jaunt to Oxford Circus? I am the Queen of Procrastination.

  1. An overcast London Eye
  2. Rare roast beef and horseradish sandwiched inside a yorkshire pudding
  3. Imperial War Museum
  4. Brick Lane street art
  5. Detour through Baker Street tube station
  6. Outfit shot courtesy of Robert
  7. Early morning Regent Street
  8. Flat white and sandwich with pretzel bread from Prufrock
  9. Covent Garden

london, uk :: broadway market

Yes, I have posted pictures of Broadway Market on here before. It is my absolute favourite market in London (UK) – hands down. Over the past year, we must have eaten up and down the streets too many times to count… mushroom risotto, hog roast, banh mi, roast beef + yorkshire pudding sandwiches, cheesecake… See that Fred Cooke store selling jellied eels? They have been at the Broadway Market since 1900!

It was pouring rain the first Saturday after we landed, but we decided to head out to the market anyways. Since we are staying in central London, our journey to the market has been shortened by half and we arrived just when the market was opening up. We tucked into a coffee shop when the rain really started coming down and picked up some fruit then decided on some sandwiches before heading back home to dry off. The perfect start to the weekend!

london, uk :: borough + brixton

I can’t remember how we first discovered this place, but Brixton Village is a foodie’s dream with places such as Honest Burger, Mama Lan, and Agile Rabbit to only name a few of the restaurants in this small complex. A friend of ours stayed with us when we were living in East Putney last year. We decided to take him to Honest Burger for dinner and what normally took us 30-45 minutes to Brixton, took over an hour due to the first snowfall of the season. After arriving, we waited the typical 30-45 minutes (they open for dinner at 6pm and if you arrive after 6:30pm, there is normally a wait) to be seated and when we finally received our meal, he exclaimed that it was the best burger he had ever had in his life. Yes, it is that good! Other great mentions: Brixton Cornercopia (great selection of falconware!) and Federation Coffee -> see this great post by Green Figs and Ham.

In the 13th century, fruit and veg traders were relocated to what is now Borough High Street and a market has existed here ever since. We are lucky to be staying close by, so we headed there last Friday for a coffee at Monmouth and a piece of cake from Konditor + Cook (next door). I’ve have heard great things about the Raclette and Chorizo Grill, but have only tried a handful of nibbles from here and there. Have a favourite from Borough? Let me know!