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These simple to make catnip toys are both fun for you and your feline friends! Felt, both acrylic and wool, can extend the life of your cat toys. Instead of tearing like cloth, I find that felt just naturally fuzzes up instead. Below, I show you how to make the “famous” roxypop catnip dumpling toys. Once you learn the basic steps, you can use your imagination to whip up endless designs!


  • Felt (acrylic or wool) – I used an off white colour to stimulate a real dumpling skin
  • Thread (to match the felt)
  • Loose catnip
  • Sewing machine
  • Scissors
  • Pinking shears
  • CD
  • Marking pen
  • Chopstick / Pen (optional)

step one:

Take the CD and place it on your piece of felt. Use the CD as a template to cut out your circles with the marking pen.

step two:

Fold the circle in half and sew around the edge. Make sure to leave a section open, so that you can stuff the catnip in.

step three:

To give it a more realistic look, I use pinking shears to trim off the edge. This is purely for aesthetic reasons, so if you don’t have pinking shears, not to worry. And to be honest, your cat will still love you!

step four:

Start stuffing! You can use a chopstick or a pen to help get the catnip into the bottom of the dumpling. You can use as much or as little catnip as you like.

step five:

Once you are done stuffing the catnip, place the dumpling back into the machine. Sew up the opening, clean up the thread ends and you are done!

For those that are not crafty and based in Vancouver (BC), visit me at Got Craft on Sunday, May 8th. Fortune cookie cat nip toys will also be available!

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