R and I are currently in Vancouver for one week to produce / participate in Got Craft. We head out Monday morning and will be spending two and a half days in Portland before returning to London. Funny thing is that we arrived in Vancouver exactly three months after we made the big move to London, UK in February. How time flies!

After counting down the days, I had some mixed feelings about returning home. I mean, I was super excited and couldn’t wait to see friends and family and stuff myself full of sushi and chinese food. However, I couldn’t help thinking would I want to stay in Vancouver and not return to London? Will the City feel different? The trip has been amazing. We thrifted… we visited babies… we visited friends and family… we ate and then ate some more… we stocked up on crafty supplies… we drove around stanley park and spanish banks… we got haircuts… we drank coffee with cream (UK doesn’t carry half and half, so we have to make our own)… It has been fantastic being able to hop into the car and know exactly where to go and if we need something, exactly which shop would carry what we are looking for. Yet, there is an odd feeling that this isn’t home anymore. Do you know what I mean? This may be partly due to the fact that we are staying with R’s parents, so we aren’t in our own place and half living out of a suitcase. Anyways, there has been lots of talk about people visiting us in London the next few months, so hopefully this will quench my random bouts of homesickness and hopefully we can use them to channel items from Canada over to us!

Happy Friday everyone! For those in Vancouver, we hope to see you at Got Craft this Sunday!

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  1. Melanie

    I know exactly what you mean! When we moved from Toronto to Vancouver, going “home” that first Christmas was nerve racking…What would it “feel like”? Would it be what we remembered and missed it to be? What if I didn’t feel like moving back after all? Exactly what you’re feeling! Mind you, it’s still Canada…no real culture shock, exactly.

    One of my favourite movies, EVER, is Garden State. There’s a line they say about returning home, that I’ve always resonated with…”you will never have that feeling again until you create a new idea of home for yourself”. Whether you take that as a positive or a negative…it’s just something to reflect on, I think.

    Going back is always nice, but move and change are things to be embraced! And you know, we’ll all be calling on you anytime we’re in London…so some version of “home” isn’t ever that far away. ;)

    mk xo

  2. Shawn Chong

    I think that everyone shares a similar sentiment when they make such a big move, and eventually return to the point of origin for a visit.

    A couple years ago, after I had been in Taiwan for a year, returning to Toronto felt so weird… like I had been away for decades… the feeling faded after about three days, however. The second time around, after three years of living in Taiwan, I again returned to Toronto, and that feeling of having been away for decades went away in about a day.

    Vancouver also felt like a foreign land for maybe a couple days.

    It’s an interesting feeling, to be returning to a familiar place after a long absence.