in transit

London -> Vancouver -> Seattle -> Portland and then back to London tomorrow afternoon *whew*. A complete whirlwind of food (so much yummy) and friends! Seriously. I can’t believe how much food we have eaten in the past 10 days… chinese and japanese in Vancouver… thai and doughnuts in Seattle… mexican, vietnamese and dutch tacos! in Portland. Need to detox when I get home and eat some veggies and fruit!

Although it was a great trip, I am ready to go home and catch up on some work and more crafting. I’m sure Cleo will be excited to have us back and return to her normal routine of tracking sun beams and sleeping on the terrace. We also have a friend’s wedding in Wales next month and Robert is a part of the wedding party, so we need to start prepping our place for the arrival of wedding guests that will be staying in London for a few days before heading up.  Of course, we just noticed that they closed parts of Upper Richmond Road which is where we take the bus to head to the tube station for the next 4 months. We could technically walk to the station in 10 minutes and the bus still works, but it will be re-routed, but still a bit annoying. Oh, well. After the eating bonanza, I guess this is a sign to start moving more.

Thanks so much to everybody that came out to Got Craft last Sunday. It was ah-mazing. Met so many new people and saw so many good friends. If you weren’t able to make it and want to check out some roxypop goods, please visit Bird on a Wire, Barefoot Contessa and Collage Collage. My stock was cleared, so more goods will be making their way to Vancouver as well as to my etsy shop soon.

Will check in soon!

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