field trip :: wonder hill market

Our Saturday started off with a trip to the Wonder Hill Market at the Miller pub between London Bridge and the Borough Market. We arrived just 30 minutes after their doors opened, so it was still pretty quiet, but plenty of handmade and vintage finds. The pub was also quite nice. Plenty of art on the walls including that papery white installation on the ceiling and a large selection of thai food on the menu (this is the second pub that I know that serves thai food, so definitely a change from a burger and chips!).

(northcote pub in clapham junction)

We were going to head to the Borough Market afterwards, but decided to head back to Clapham Junction and grab a coffee and make a quick visit to Waitrose. One of the biggest differences that we have experienced since moving here, is that we eat out a lot less. About 95% less than when we were back in Vancouver. I think this is partly due to us not exactly knowing where to go for good food or being able to quickly hop into the car and grab some take away. This also means that we go food shopping a lot. Our fridge is the size of a roomy bar fridge with a matching freezer next to it. I also find that things expire quicker here like milk and veg, so we end up visiting the store usually about every other day.

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  1. Marie

    Markets sure are fun. I enjoy going to them, one always normally finds a treasure, cheers from New Zealand, Marie