field trip :: clerkenwell design week pt 1

Yesterday was another amazing day in London filled with blue skies and sunshine. The top shot was from the #87 bus which is a fantastic ride leaving Wandsworth through Parliament, Trafalgar Square, Tate Britain and drops you right in front of Covent Garden. We spent the way exploring Clerkwenwell for the Clerkwenwell Design Week which was amazing. After checking out the website to pre-register, I was most excited to check out the amazing venues that held most of the exhibitions and they did not disappoint!

Our first stop was the House of Detention where we had to pick up our registration packets. The House of Detention was once a Victorian prison dating back to 1616 and was known as a holding prison for those awaiting trial. Apparently, heavily haunted, it was then later re-opened as a private party venue. The nature of the space ensures that exhibitors present their products in new and exciting ways.

images above: craft central, lizzie mary cullen, theo, vitamin – a life less ordinary

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  1. Melanie

    Reason # 1,334 I would like to move to London. Tomorrow. I’m so happy you guys are over there reporting back! Make sure you take in London Design Week in September. You’ll LOVE that one too!