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Since moving to London, we have been cooking A LOT and since some of the foods that we used to enjoy is not as accessible, I have started scouring the internet to create some of our old favourites.

I present to you my version of the Red Robin chicken mesa salad! Let me tell you, finding black beans and ranch dressing is no easy task in this City. I have only found two places in London that sell black beans (Whole Foods + Waitrose) and one place that sell ranch dressing (ASDA). Although my recipe below is not exactly the same, it has become one of my favourites.

makes 4 dinner size salads

One can of black beans
One can of corn niblets
One red pepper
Diced red onion
Red cabbage
Chicken breast (1 per person)
Fajita seasoning
Shredded cheese (I used white canadian cheddar)
Broken tortilla chips

Salsa (I made my own using this recipe)
Ranch dressing
1 tsp of fajita seasoning (from the package above)
(mix to taste – start with 1/4 cup ranch, one tbsp of salsa and seasoning)

Coat chicken breast with fajita seasoning. Once lightly coated, bake or cook on the stove as you normally would. Slice in strips and put aside.

Shred lettuce and cabbage. It depends on how big your cabbage is, but I bought a small head and used about 1/4. Dice red pepper and onion and put aside.

Rinse black beans and corn niblets. Mix together and add the red pepper, onion and cabbage.

In a separate bowl, place enough lettuce and bean / corn / pepper / onion / cabbage for one person. Add dressing to taste and mix until thoroughly coated. Place mixture onto dinner plate and add chicken breast. Sprinkle shredded cheese and broken tortilla chips on top. Enjoy!

** omit the chicken to make a vegetarian meal!

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  1. kickp

    You can totally make your own ranch dressing!! I do it all the time – I never buy the stuff anymore because the homemade stuff is totally easy and delicious to make. Use buttermilk, which should be easy to find in London (well, it was easy to find in Holland and Germany!) and I’ve got a recipe on my blog and a chipotle version over at Poppytalk. So yummy!!