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The North London Vintage Market was on last weekend in their new location at the Library Gallery in Stoke Newington. I had heard a lot of buzz about this show, but for some reason, the dates always conflicted and we had never been to visit. With 20 hand picked stalls selling mid-century ceramics, vintage clothing, housewares and retro furniture; I braved the one and a half hour bus ride to the show. The bus ride was easy enough and completely worth it. This was definitely one of my favourite markets and you can tell that each vendor has been carefully selected. If I had unlimited funds, I would have walked home with a collection of tin chocolate moulds, a yellow formica table and one of these vintage kitchen cupboards * swoon *

Afterwards, we visited the British Library near Kings Cross station. We admired the George III collection from the King’s Library and checked out the street markets of London in the 1940’s exhibition by Walter Joseph. There were no pictures allowed inside, but I did tack on a picture of the newly renovated St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel to the end of this post. Isn’t it gorgeous? Built in 1873, it was taken over by the London, Midland and Scottish Railway in 1922, before closing in 1935. It sat vacant until 2004 when the property was granted permission to renovate and then re-opened it’s doors in May 2011 – exactly 138 years after its original opening in 1873.

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  1. Andy McIlwain

    What a beautiful place. its looking so fantastic. I think this is the perfect place for celebrate the weekend. thanks for the sharing the pictures have a nice day ahead.