field trip :: broadway market

We literally stumbled upon Broadway Market two weekends ago while at the Shoreditch Festival and seeking a dry place after the down pour that came through. Unfortunately, it was quite late by the time we found it and some stalls had already closed up due to the rain.

We made plans to come back and after an epic trip (3 busses! due to tube closures), I am happy to report that it was worth it. This has to be one of my favourite London markets. We stocked up on cherry smoked bacon, more watermelon (kinda obsessed!) and picked up lunch from one of the local stalls – banhmi 11. I seem to be on a Vietnamese sandwich kick and these are one of the best and most affordable. Definitely worth the trip out! If you make out to the market, make sure to check out the School Yard Market which is right next door (community run street market with profits going to the school).


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