field trip :: sunbury antiques market

Three busses later, a bit of wandering in Richmond and we were finally there. With over 700 stalls (we were walking forEVER!), Sunbury Antiques Market is one of the best and largest vintage / antique markets that I have ever been to. Catalogues, mid-century furniture, trinkets… these images are just a snippet of the goodies that awaited us. Free to attend, the market takes place the second and fourth Tuesday of each month.

Being newbies, I think we were a bit overwhelmed. I walked away with a new display stand for my pouches, but other that, we were in awe of all the goodies and our brains were probably trying to figure out ways on bringing this stuff home. Like M said, it’s cheap to ship things home right? * smiles *

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  1. Decorator's Notebook

    Wow, this looks amazing! One day I WILL get a Tuesday off work and be able to go! Lovely photos too I must say.