Lynton + Lynmouth

After the Crafty Fox Night Market, Rob and I hopped back on to a train and headed back to Exmouth to meet up with the rest of the family. Rob’s sister lives in the British Virgin Islands and has been in Devon the past few weeks to visit family. We met up with her and all 6.5 (6 adults, 1 toddler) of us moved into a second rental place near the marina.

We made a trip to Sidmouth yesterday and after reading this blog post, we decided to head out to Lynton and Lynmouth this morning. Coined as England’s “little Switzerland’, it is where Exmoor meets the sea. We had handmade ice cream in chocolate dipped cones, we walked to the Valley of the Rocks and took the Cliff Railway. Established in 1888 and powered by water, the Clif Railway links the coastal town of Lynmouth to Lynton at the top of the cliff.

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