bath, stonehenge + windsor castle

My mom flew back to Vancouver early this morning, but before she left, we took a day trip to Bath, Stonehenge and Windsor Castle. Located just outside of London above the River Thames, Windsor Castle is where the Queen spends the summer and most of her weekends. It’s about a 90 minute tour through the grounds, indoor exhibits and state apartments. The gardens of the Palace of Versailles are quite impressive, but I think that the interior of Windor Castle is even better. The train takes you straight into Windsor, so if you have the time, this trip is definitely worth it.

We arrived in Bath mid afternoon to a bit of drizzle. All of the main attractions here are quite close together, so grab a map and a good pair of walking shoes. Robert and I started at the Bath Cathedral located right next to the Roman Baths and the Pump Room. We went past Jane Austen’s house, the Royal Crescent and the Circus (Johnny Depp has a flat there!).

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