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Meet ickle and Lardee.

(from the website)
ickle is a smart and curious toof who loves to read books. Other interests include cutting coupons, nibbling on furniture, and David Bowie.

Lardee is the loveable, slightly pudgy toof who can be found following ickle around the house. If in need of a toy, Lardee has a magical red bag with an endless supply.

I spotted this sweet duo on Olive Green Anna last month, but didn’t realize that it was made into a Chronicle book until I stopped at Collage Collage last week! Milk Toof follows the adventures of ickle and Lardee in super cute mini stories created by Author Inhae Renee Lee. Check out her blog for more adventures including her shop where you can purchase a plush pin set and prints.

all images from my milk toof

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