London (UK) ->Vancouver

February 2012 marks our one year spent in London, UK and we just made our plans to move back to Vancouver, BC. Spending 3 weeks in Vancouver at the beginning of December has been fantastic and it felt really nice to be back in familiar surroundings. However, now that we have set a date to depart, I can’t help feeling anxious to soak in as much of London as I possibly can before our move.

Contrary to what some believed, this was never a forever thing. Our plan was to stay here 12-18 months. We met all of our goals and know that we will back to the City in the Summer for work. We have already started planning life in the new year and are still in awe of what an amazing experience this has been. I know that this is a good thing, but there is a part of me that is staring out the window watching the neighbourhood wake up and thinking how beautiful the morning light is (sleep has been completely out of whack ever since returning from Canada!). The grass is always greener right?

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  1. jeanie

    oh andrea, your plans always sound fantastic, and you never have to justify your decisions to your faithful audience (me included!), just share them with us so we can walk a day or two on your fun and adventurous shoes (: