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Inspired by this post from Megan at Room6, I decided to list the jobs that I had in no particular order.

* office administration (accounting, customer service, marketing)
* telemarketer (lasted two days + one of those days the phones were broken)
* grocery store cashier
* craft maker / seller
* office temp jobs
* call center (dispute + processing payments)
* hospitality travel staff
* event | wedding | volunteer coordinator

I’m sure I have forgotten some or blocked them from my mind. How about you? Care to share your list?

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  1. Victoria

    Oh yikes:
    macdonalds cashier
    scribe for disabled students
    commercial model
    experiential marketing promotional staff
    experiential marketing event manager
    self employed marketing and pr consultant
    leather accessories designer
    silversmith and jewelry designer
    temp job as administration support
    online community manager
    public relations manager