field trip :: hackney city farm

It was really cold in London earlier in the week. No snow though, so I’m thanking my lucky stars for that (sorry, but not a fan!). Last weekend, friends came down for a visit from Cambridge and we trekked out to the Broadway Market. I love this place. It was absolutely packed and our typical go-to lunch spot wasn’t there, which forced us to try all the other things that we always talk about, but never end up eating like the mushroom risotto (delish!) and the roast beef sandwiched between a yorkshire pudding for Robert.

It was blue skies and sun, so we walked through Hackney City Farm as this was on my list of things to do before leaving. After thinking we got lost, we finally found ourselves in the right place – a farm in the middle of the city. If you are in the Shoreditch area or find yourself between Broadway Market and Columbia Road, definitely pop in for a visit. I heard their Sunday brunch is a must do.

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