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Collage Collage is kicking off this year’s Collage Nights workshops with the first one being led by Becky from Sweetie Pie Press! Here are a few words from Becky herself:

“I stumbled into Collage Collage when one of my summer craft tours brought me through my hometown of Vancouver. In fact, it is located just around the corner from my childhood home on a strip of commercial space that was mostly vacant and/or dotted with sketchy businesses when I was growing up. Seeing these spaces filled with independent and mostly art-based businesses on that visit was deeply inspiring to me.

This summer, after a battle with cancer my mother passed away. In the aftermath, we have had to sell said childhood home and deal with the hyperbolic amount of possessions my mother had. Among her accumulated things were literally tens of thousands of photographs. After picking out any that may be wanted by my family members, everyone has agreed to offer the rest up for this collage event. So let’s get cutting, gluing, chatting and having fun!”


Tuesday, January 31, 2012 – 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 pm

Collage Collage, 621 Kingsway, Vancouver (BC)


photo credit: Roberta Grove

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