a cup full of coffee

We ♥ coffee. My grandma used to enjoy a cup of coffee each morning with sugar and milk. When I stayed over, she would let me bring out this teeny tiny cup that I had and let me have two sips. Over time, our taste and appreciation for coffee has developed to what started out with Tim Hortons to seeking out indepedent coffee shops. Now, don’t be calling us snobs or anything. Neither one of us have had formal training, and we do still drink coffee from various chains on occasion such as Starbucks and Costa Coffee, but we try to limit those visits. We also like a good place to drink coffee. Atmosphere is key, and really, there isn’t anything better than popping into a nice place during teatime for a nice cup of coffee and a slice of cake!

After some research, Robert signed up for a basic two-day session with the London School of Coffee. Led by Robert Henry from Another Cup, the course combined the business side of things with an introduction of practical barista training (how to prepare drinks). Robert got to experience what goes on behind the counter from business skills focused on the coffee industry to learning about the equipment used to being hands on and learning how to make assorted beverages. Neither one of us have any barista experience, so it was quite fun for him to “pull a shot” and “texture milk”, and learn all the “barista” lingo!

Our last few days in London has been seeking out independent coffee shops and tasting their coffee and cake. For educational purposes of course! Robert likes to peer behind the counter and judge them which has earned him the title of being a coffee snob. In a good way of course! Some of our favourite places in London include TomTom, Prufrock Coffee, Nude Espresso, Federation Coffee, and I have to mention that Luxe sure makes a good mocha for cheap! Do you have a favourite place that we should try? Drop us a note and let us know! Interested in checking out a coffee session in London, UK? Visit both Prufrock and London School of Coffee for details.

parlour coffee (winnipeg, mb), photo credit: 26 merton road

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  1. coffeepodder

    Nothing wrong with the chain coffee shops.. at least they’re always consistent, which can make them better than the snob shops on a bad day. :)

  2. Sandra

    My favourite place here in Vancouver since returning from Toronto (spent ten years there) is Elysian on Broadway at Ash. Excellent pulled shots!

    I also did some barista training but at Ezra’s Pound in Toronto. Another yummy place for coffee!

  3. notsurebut

    Coffee circus and Sable d’or in Crouchend get my vote, always consistently fab coffee and great cakes especially the wide choice at Sable d’or.

  4. janis-pinecone camp

    I love this post! I adore coffee (a little too much, maybe). Thanks for the list of coffee shops for London – will keep this for when we visit later this year! Maybe we can get all meet at one of them??