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My Little Lights are environmentally friendly lights that are handmade using organic cotton. Available in a range of 25+ colours, they are perfect for an event or a wedding or just to add a bit of ambience and a punch of colour to your living space! We just found a new-to-us apartment last week and I’m thinking how great these would look great strung in the window! Thanks so much to Mon Wong for offering a giveaway to our blog readers! Here is your chance to win your own string of lights (retail $45.00). Contest ends Friday, March 9th, 2012 at noon (PST)

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There are two chances to enter:

  1. Leave a comment below telling us where you would display your My Little Lights = one entry
  2. Follow @MyLittleLights and @lotusevents on twitter and retweet “RT to enter to win a strand of lights handmade by @mylittlelights using organic cotton courtesy of @lotusevents –” = one entry

* winner must be available to pick up lights from Vancouver (BC)

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Comments (32)

  1. Sara

    Oh, these lovelies would go into my bedroom. I occasionally like a nightlight and these would be be-U-tiful. :)

  2. Sea Flower Studios

    I would love to own these! So many gorgeous colour choices! I’m moving soon as well and I would definitely use these inside my new home to make it feel cozy!

  3. heather

    i would love to string these along my headboard. i think having them lit up at night would be both precious and romantic.

  4. Sara

    I would put them up in my bedroom and they would be such a lovely addition!! :) They are beautiful!

  5. Anne Bresnahan

    I would string those lights up in my son’s bedroom! perfect light for goodnight books.

    • Miche

      I’d put them in my window where I can see them when I’m walking home. They’re beautiful!

  6. zaeliamin

    I think these would be inspirational in my crafting area… or magical in my living area… or super sweet strung up on our balcony to be enjoyed on a summer’s evening.

  7. sarah

    These lights are so cute! I would hang them in my backyard so that when Rob and Andrea come over, I could turn them on just for them!

  8. Sandra

    I think that I would put them up in my home office. Then when I am writing I’ll turn off the overhead pendant and enjoy the glow…

  9. lanabetty

    But of course these amazing little lights will be the perfect accoutrement for the dessert table at my wedding! Eee!

  10. Jen

    These lights are adorable! I would drape these across my fireplace mantle for a whimsical touch in the living room.

  11. hella

    i just brought home my first set of these lights and love them….they are gorgeous…but i need another set or 2…so here’ s hoping…good luck all

  12. Melanie

    I would love to have these beautiful lights strung up in our newly painted apartment! It’s just the hit of colour our crisp white walls need!! ;)

  13. Shannon

    These would be perfect on the gorgeous fireplace mantle that will be in our wedding reception/ceremony room! They’re adorable and romantic. :)

  14. Alexa

    I would hang them in my room so I would see the pretty colors every night:)

  15. Alison O'Marra-Armstrong

    Clearly these lights are magical. So of course I would put them in my nursery; strung magically above the crib for my twinsies to look up at before they fell into sweet slumber.

  16. alicia kroeker

    they are so cute!! i would love to hang them in my living room to give a bit of a romantic touch

  17. jessica smith

    I would first display them at two of my best friend’s weddings, and then hang them in my bedroom.