in the city :: instagram style

We move into our apartment in 4 sleeps! We may only have one chair and a few odds and ends, but I am beyond excited! Although we are grateful that we have a place to say, not having your own space has been draining. In just a few short days, we will be able to cook our own meals, leave our stuff wherever we want, and even walk around in our underwear – just saying!

With so much on the go right now, the past few days seem to be a blur of walks through Granville Island, good eats in Gastown, felt garland making, socializing on our favourite block of Fraser and Kingsway, and even some DIY bacon making! More of that to come. Oh, and have you been to Cartems Donuterie yet?! They are some serious yum and that says a lot as I don’t even like donuts!

If you missed it earlier, I have a guest post up on Poppytalk and at Raincoast Cottage – thanks ladies!

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  1. Tan

    Woah! That donut looks incredible! Okay I need to get my butt on a ferry and over to Vancouver asap!