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Last Monday marked my first official week back in the home office and although I loved my temporary work contract, it’s nice to beat to my own drum again. Rob’s parents came over last week for his birthday and to bring us a second load of belongings that they stored for us while we were in the UK. We went on a bit of a shopping spree picking up a kitchen table at the Ikea grand opening as well as a new camera that I have been coveting for quite awhile, and of course, my Saltwater Sandals that I ordered for Arizona arrived after my trip!

Before things get a bit crazy again with Got Craft?, road trip to Edmonton for Make it, and Scout Handmade and Vintage Market at the end of the month not to mention all the other things we are working on, we sat down and planned a few meals for the week. I finally even used the Kitchen Aid I received last Christmas and made homemade cookies and cream ice cream which was so good that we had to pace ourselves.

Hope everybody had a good week! Looking forward to spending more time on the blog again!

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