field trip :: granny and grumpa’s antiques

On Friday, we met up with Lily to pick up a few wooden crates and we started talking about thrifting haunts in the Valley. One thing led to another and the next thing we knew we were starting up the GPS and heading out to Sumas Prairie to one of her favourite places – Granny and Grumpa’s Antiques.

 As part of the Circle Farm Tour, their farm apparently houses the largest single private collection of antiques in the entire province of British Columbia and I believe it. This place is huge with about 6 separate buildings where you can easily spend hours browsing through the endless rooms. Everything is neatly organized and some rooms are even themed such as Coca Cola, ashtrays, and a {spooky} doll room that I suggest avoiding if you aren’t into that!

Unfortunately, I didn’t pick anything up on this trip as there was just too much to take in. However, I will be sure to come prepared next time! Check out some great tips by Birch + Bird for shopping at barn sales!

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  1. Lily + Rachel (@Birchandbird)

    The first trip there is always overwhelming and it’s amazing to see something new with each visit! So glad you enjoyed it…I went for a hunt on Sunday afternoon with a friend and came home with a few goodies :)

  2. janisnicolay

    Lily and Rachel mentioned this place to me. It looks amazing. I’d be crazy in there, and probably buy too much. Must visit soon! Thanks for sharing the pics!