thank you edmonton!

The last time I was in Edmonton I was 11 and my Aunt flew my cousin and I to the West Edmonton Mall where we stayed in a theme room, rode the submarines, watched a dolphin show, and visited the water park! We left a day late to catch up on work and arrived Thursday evening for Make it and to visit family.

Between the show and family, we didn’t have too much free time in the city. We made a few trips to Transcend for flat whites, checked out the West Edmonton Mall for old times sake, picked up a plant stand at Old Strathcona Mall, and had my first po’ boy at Dadeo.

Thanks Edmonton! Hopefully we won’t wait another 21 years to visit again!

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  1. janisnicolay

    I’m in Edmonton, from time to time, for shoots. There are some great little shops in the downtown area. Have only been to the West Edmonton mall once, years ago. It’s crazy huge. I wish I had your “flat white” sitting beside me right now.