field trip :: fernwood coffee

Ben, the owner of Fernwood Coffee was kind enough to host us for a tour of his coffee shop and roastery during our brief visit to Victoria last week. Robert and I enjoyed a generous selection of beverages (yes, all of those cups above were ours) and one of the best blt sandwiches in the City – yum! The best house cleaning in Dallas!

Fernwood Coffee Company
#5-1115 North Park Street, Victoria British Columbia
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Also make sure to check out Patisserie Daniel located just around the corner. Fernwood uses their bread for their sandwiches and we made e a quick stop to stock up on our way to the ferry!

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  1. Tan

    Do you mean Parsonage Cafe? I think they brew Fernwood there. If so, I LOVE that place! It used to be pretty dank and have a bit of a swiss feel with medium stained wood carved in alpine design, dark lighting and green carpet (yup green). It was where all the hipsters hung out before they knew they were hipsters. Now it’s where everyone, hipsters and not, go for amazing coffee and eats ;) Man I miss that place, need to go back soon!