instagram vs. “regular” images

For those readers in the craft fair circuit, most of you are probably preparing your applications to the holiday shows. I wrote a post last year regarding craft fair applications for our session at the Summit of Awesome in Baltimore – part 1 and part 2, but I wanted to touch base on a topic that has been rattling through my mind for awhile… Instagram pictures vs. “Regular” pictures.

Instagram is an app where you can choose filtered effects to enhance the photos you take on your mobile devices. I love instagram and use it almost on a daily basis (you can follow me here). However, with the popularity of these apps, I started noticing a few craft fair applications and Etsy shops that started using their own photos that have been filtered.

In my opinion, instagram and other filtered images (even those ones that have been enhanced) do not always truly represent your product.  The app’s goal is to make your “regular” pictures prettier and you have to be careful as this may led to some people accusing you of misrepresenting your product especially for an online shop.

What are your thoughts? Would love to hear your opinion?

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  1. janis - pinecone camp

    so true!! Of course I’m speaking as someone who’s “day job” is to shoot homes and lifestyle stories for magazines. Instagram is heaps of fun, but don’t forget you can funktify your pics in good old fashioned photoshop. You definitely have to be careful when posting your wares – they should be shot in natural light and with a regular camera so your customers know what they will get. Good subject!

  2. Kellie

    I am not really a fan of Instagram..I know..gasppp….but it is because of the filters. Sometimes pretty photos don’t need filters and I think it gets over done. At the same time, I love seeing photos, I have seen some great ones from you. I agree though, products should NOT have filters, the colors are not represented accurately.

  3. a Cagey Bee (@aCageyBee)

    I think there’s a huge difference between the photos you want to use on your blog or in an Etsy listing that are styled & more editorial vs. the type of shot you want to use for a jury photo. Or a wholesale catalog. For the latter, you want clean images that clearly (& accurately!) depict your work.

    I bet we’ll start seeing that noted on applications in the future.