field trip :: krause berry farm

We took a quick mid-week trip out to Langley to take a peek at my favourite thrift stores, drop off a Roxypop order at HOFA, and pick up some fresh berries. Ever since we had a delicious dessert of blueberries and soft serve ice cream at a co-workers house a few years ago, we kick off each summer with a visit to Krause Berry Farm.

The indoor farm market carries a great selection of fresh berries (these are available both for sale and u-pick) as well as other in season fruit and vegetables, canned goods, baked items, and frozen desserts. And if you had a long drive like we did, there is a small outdoor canteen where you can purchase strawberry shortcakes, pies, and ice cream all using local ingredients!

Krause Berry Farm
6179 248th Street, Langley

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