london, uk :: broadway market

Yes, I have posted pictures of Broadway Market on here before. It is my absolute favourite market in London (UK) – hands down. Over the past year, we must have eaten up and down the streets too many times to count… mushroom risotto, hog roast, banh mi, roast beef + yorkshire pudding sandwiches, cheesecake… See that Fred Cooke store selling jellied eels? They have been at the Broadway Market since 1900!

It was pouring rain the first Saturday after we landed, but we decided to head out to the market anyways. Since we are staying in central London, our journey to the market has been shortened by half and we arrived just when the market was opening up. We tucked into a coffee shop when the rain really started coming down and picked up some fruit then decided on some sandwiches before heading back home to dry off. The perfect start to the weekend!

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