local event :: one shot at glory

ira-coyne-hello-sprit-spirit-board-lgIn conjunction with the Sign Painter movie, SMASH Gallery of Modern Art presents One Shot at Glory: The Art of the Sign Painter featuring Sign Painters from British Columbia and Washington.

The show is a celebration of tradition and an exploration of a time honoured art bringing together 8 artists, working in the same field, each with a unique style. As recently as 1980, hand lettered signage was the way to create a unique advertising for a company, from window lettering to huge hand painted ads adorning the side of buildings, even Vancouver has a rich history of Ghost signs all over the city. With the advent of dye cut and vinyl lettering and access to quick and cheap banner printing, the Art of the hand painted sign has been replaced with the homogenous three-colour banner and LED screen.


Event details:
One Shot at Glory: The Art of the Sign Painter
Opening Friday, May 31st, 2013 at 8:00pm (runs until June 29th)
SMASH Gallery of Modern Art
580 Clark Drive, Vancouver

Find us at the opening event to purchase tickets to the movie in person and a copy of the Sign Painters book. SMASH will also be hosting a special event with the artists on Saturday, June 8th with live demonstrations of sign painting, pin striping and a book signing at 2pm with Faythe Levine and Sam Macon.

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