got craft? swag :: sneak peek!

SwagCollageGotCraft-Dec2015-SwagSwagCollage2Our back storage room is literally being taken over by tote bags and swag items! We are super excited to reveal (piñata llama!) our new tote bag design for the upcoming Got Craft event in December! These limited edition tote bags are hand printed by Locomotive Clothing with an exclusive image designed for us by The Beautiful Project. Only 225 are printed – 100 to be used as swag bags for the holiday event, 100 to be used as swag bags for the spring event, and the rest will be available for sale at the front desk.

Each participating vendor is asked to contribute a minimum of 30 items which are than randomly distributed into 100 tote bags (each tote is worth $20 alone plus 30 items x over 80 vendors = A WHOLE LOT OF GOODNESS!). Be one of the first 50 on Saturday or Sunday to receive a FREE tote! Make sure to arrive early though! Die hard fans have been known to wait in line as early as 6AM equipped with activites, hot beverages, and blankets!


Got Craft? 2015 Holiday Edition
Saturday, December 12th and Sunday, December 13th, 2015
The Pipe Shop Building
115 Victory Ship Way, North Vancouver (BC)

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