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The Sewists

Sewists1Sewists2Back in 2012, I was contacted by Josephine Perry, an instructor at the Liberty Sewing School, to contribute a project for her upcoming book. I am super excited to announce that her book, The Sewists – DIY Projects from 20 Top Designers-Makers, will be launching in the UK this September!

From jewellery to bookbinding, felt craft to embroidery, screen-print to dressmaking, The Sewists takes a rare snoop inside the sewing rooms of creative crafters and gives space to the reasons why they love their craft. Projects include hand-bound notebooks, patchwork coasters, applique cushions, and of course, fabric pouches by Roxypop!

For more information or to purchase a copy, click here.

Thanks to Miranda from Blue Olive Photography for snapping the shots of my craft room!

Introducing Baby Elliot!

2014ElliotAndRobLIFE_0039WEBAndreaRob_Newborn-0172014ElliotAndRobLIFE_0045WEBAndreaRob_Newborn-0322014ElliotAndRobLIFE_0050WEBI’m happy to introduce you to the newest member of the family… baby Elliot! Born on Friday, July 4th at 9:53pm and weighing 6lbs 13oz, he arrived two weeks early after a crazy 36+ hours of labour! Although we would like a little more sleep in the evening, all three (4 if you count the cat!) of us are doing well and are looking forward to having you meet the little one in the coming months. Thank you to everyone that have dropped by to say hello, for the homemade meals, the gifts, and the love that you have shared with us both in person and online.


With the holiday edition of Got Craft? quickly approaching in December and with the retail space moving forward, we have plenty to share in the coming months especially a tasty rhubarb recipe! And if you haven’t heard from us in awhile over here, find us on instagram for more frequent updates!

photo credit: images 1, 3, 5 – [stu-di-o] by jeanie // images 2, 4 – Blue Olive Photography

37 weeks… and GD

Carb CollageAt 9am today, my phone will text me to say that I am 37 weeks pregnant. I can’t believe it!

Overall, the pregnancy has been uneventful which (knock on wood) is good news. I’ve had no heartburn, been sleeping through the nights, and besides being tired during the first trimester, acne and some recent swelling in the feet; all is good. That being said, I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes at 25 weeks. Although not terrible, this has been the biggest annoyance of the past 12 weeks. You can follow the link to read more about it, but basically at 25 weeks, you go to the clinic, drink a super sugary orange drink, sit for an hour and then have your blood tested. “Failing” this, you do everything over again, but have your blood tested at 1 hour, 2 hours, and then 3 hours. Since my sugars tested high, I was referred to the diabetes clinic at BC Women’s Hospital which I visit every 3 weeks with the doctor (measures stomach, checks blood pressure, talks about test numbers), dietician (sets up a meal plan, talks about carb intake), and the nurse (checks weight and ketones, teaches you how to inject insulin, test blood sugar). I was placed on a limited carbohydrate diet, told to test my blood 4x a day (once a week, I test 7x a day – before / after meals) and was then placed on insulin injections 4x a day (2x before breakfast / 2x before dinner). My typical day looks like this:

8:00am – Wake up / Test blood / Insulin injection x2
8:30am – Breakfast (have to wait 30 minutes after taking insulin) – 30g carbs
15-20 minute walk right after meal
11:00am – Snack – 30g carbs
1:30pm – Test blood / Lunch – 30g carbs
15-20 minute walk right after meal
3:30pm – Snack – 15g carbs
6:00pm – Test blood / Insulin injection x2
6:30pm – Dinner (have to wait 30 minutes after taking insulin) – 45g carbs
15-20 minute walk right after meal
9:30pm – Test blood / Snack – 30g carbs

Carbs (both sweet and salty – this means fruit too! – 100g of watermelon or strawberries = 8g of carbs) are limited, so I rely heavily on meat, tofu, eggs, peanut butter, and cheese. Eating out means sushi (with limited rice), salads and chicken strips from White Spot (2 strips, some fries and a salad). I find that I’m encouraged to eat more processed foods, especially if I’m feeling lazy or busy, as nutritional info is so much more readily available rather than a) guessing or b) calculating your own details based on the internet. I also eat weird food combos such as mushroom soup and taco shells with cheese and avocado on it (27g carbs if you are wondering) and sticking to items that I know have been ok for me such as yogurt pots, pepperoni sticks, dry cereal, and roasted seaweed. All in all, I’m sure I’ve been eating a lot better than if I didn’t have GD and I look forward to things like when mindlessly popping a breath mint isn’t a huge deal. At this point, baby may arrive anytime between now and in the next 4-5 weeks and I hope our first visitor brings a box filled with ALL THE CARBS!

rambles :: adventuring

BunnySlippers_0006WEB“This year is gonna be all about time and discovery. From places to faces, there will be no wasting time in meaningless stuff. 2014 will be full of new challenges and new adventures with people that matter most to us.” – Artful Desperado

In case you missed our instagram announcement last Friday, we’ve been quietly preparing ourselves for one of our biggest adventures yet! That’s right. We’re expecting a new member to the family on August 18th, 2014  (13 years after we first started dating + 10 years after we were married!) and wanted to share the news with all of you. We’re just over the half way mark and everything has been going well so far (fingers crossed that this doesn’t come back to haunt me later!). Exciting + Crazy + Scary times ahead!

thanks to [stu-di-o] by jeanie for the image and lending us that red chair.