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elliot :: 2 months!

babyelliot-1babyelliot-2babyelliot-3babyelliot-4Not to ruin the illusion, but these biscuits taste like cardboard. Yep. No worries here about my props being eaten! Oh, and yes, I did buy them just for this. Look out for more biscuit writing coming to a computer screen near you!

Outtakes that were too cute not to share… chubby sweet cheeks!

Introducing Baby Elliot!

2014ElliotAndRobLIFE_0039WEBAndreaRob_Newborn-0172014ElliotAndRobLIFE_0045WEBAndreaRob_Newborn-0322014ElliotAndRobLIFE_0050WEBI’m happy to introduce you to the newest member of the family… baby Elliot! Born on Friday, July 4th at 9:53pm and weighing 6lbs 13oz, he arrived two weeks early after a crazy 36+ hours of labour! Although we would like a little more sleep in the evening, all three (4 if you count the cat!) of us are doing well and are looking forward to having you meet the little one in the coming months. Thank you to everyone that have dropped by to say hello, for the homemade meals, the gifts, and the love that you have shared with us both in person and online.


With the holiday edition of Got Craft? quickly approaching in December and with the retail space moving forward, we have plenty to share in the coming months especially a tasty rhubarb recipe! And if you haven’t heard from us in awhile over here, find us on instagram for more frequent updates!

photo credit: images 1, 3, 5 – [stu-di-o] by jeanie // images 2, 4 – Blue Olive Photography