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london, uk :: borough + brixton

I can’t remember how we first discovered this place, but Brixton Village is a foodie’s dream with places such as Honest Burger, Mama Lan, and Agile Rabbit to only name a few of the restaurants in this small complex. A friend of ours stayed with us when we were living in East Putney last year. We decided to take him to Honest Burger for dinner and what normally took us 30-45 minutes to Brixton, took over an hour due to the first snowfall of the season. After arriving, we waited the typical 30-45 minutes (they open for dinner at 6pm and if you arrive after 6:30pm, there is normally a wait) to be seated and when we finally received our meal, he exclaimed that it was the best burger he had ever had in his life. Yes, it is that good! Other great mentions: Brixton Cornercopia (great selection of falconware!) and Federation Coffee -> see this great post by Green Figs and Ham.

In the 13th century, fruit and veg traders were relocated to what is now Borough High Street and a market has existed here ever since. We are lucky to be staying close by, so we headed there last Friday for a coffee at Monmouth and a piece of cake from Konditor + Cook (next door). I’ve have heard great things about the Raclette and Chorizo Grill, but have only tried a handful of nibbles from here and there. Have a favourite from Borough? Let me know!

city guide :: London (UK) Markets

image via flickr morvan_pro

With the popularity of the Portland, OR and Vancouver, BC city guides, I decided to do a round up of some London, UK markets that we frequent. We had a lot of people visit us during our stay here, so I figure that this would be a great resource for those that are planning a trip or for locals looking for a new adventure! I realize that we have only been here for almost a year and have barely scratched the surface, so this is an open list and I invite you to share your favourites!

Borough Market: This is the equivalent to the Granville Island food market in Vancouver or the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market in San Francisco. Head to Konditor & Cook for cake (+ coffee if Monmouth‘s queues are too long!), raclette from Kappacasein and pick up some fresh fruit and veg. This was one of my favourite stops for watermelon during the summer! Avoid the groups of tourists by heading over here on Thursdays!

Brockley: A Saturday farmers market located in Lewisham with seasonal grown fruit and veggies, local meat + fish, baked goods, cheese and food stalls. Check out our last visit here complete with espresso’s from Dark Fluid Coffee and bacon sarnies!

Chatsworth Road E5: A locals market with stalls filled with handmade goods, vintage homewares, food stalls and cute local shops such as the Creperie and Cakey Muto! Check out some pictures from a past post here as well as this post by What Katie Does.

Venn Street Market: Tucked into a side street near Clapham Common, the Venn Street Market stretches a good two blocks with a full farmers market and goodies such as Ms. Cupcake. Check out Esca just around the corner or grab a seat at the Clapham Picturehouse.

image via flickr EricP2x

Columbia Road Flower Market: Need I say more? Favourite route: Head to Aldgate East tube station, walk through Brick Lane and the Sunday UpMarket (stop for a small snack – plenty of food carts to choose from or head to Beigel Bake for the cheapest bagels in town!) on your way to Columbia Road. Most stores along this stretch are open Friday to Sunday. If you have the time, check out the shops on a Friday afternoon and stop for cream tea at the Cake Hole before heading back for the Flower Market on Sunday. The street will seem like night and day. Check out my field trip here.

Maltby: Hmm.. the best way to describe it would be the locals’ Borough Market. Chalk another one up for the locals. A little off the beaten track, but worth the visit. This Monmouth is usually quieter than the one at Borough and is only open to the public on Saturday (acts as a production and training center during the week). You can see my field trip here including my favourite vendor La Grotta Ices!

image via flickr Tiki Chris

Eat.St: To be honest, I have only visited once where I enjoyed a burrito from Luardos (psst.. I was there about an hour before closing and only a few items off the menu were available, but food was 50% off). The concept of this space is that every week a rotating selection of 4-6 food carts are positioned just outside Kings Cross on the new street Kings Boulevard, N1C. Find them there Wed-Fri between 10-3pm.

Broadway Market: Saving the best for last. This is one of our favourite places that has us trekking over an hour each way to get there from South London each Saturday. Vintage stalls, old books, clothing, fruit and veg, not to mention, I could probably eat my way along the market from mushroom risotto to banh mi. Check out our field trip post here.

field trip :: borough market

Borough Market is the London equivalent of the Granville Island Public Market back home in Vancouver. Here, you will find everything a foodie can dream of – fresh baked goods, ready to eat meals, fruit, vegetables, seafood, meat, dairy, chocolate and more. Many of the stall holders make, grow or rear the items they sell, so you know exactly where everything is coming from. With roots dating back to approx. 1014, Borough Market is one of the oldest markets in London.

Only open Thursday to Saturday, this field trip may be included in our weekly rotation. Their prices are quite reasonable (sometimes cheaper!) compared to the supermarket and probably fresher. Thursday’s trip consisted of banh mi, watermelon and an iced coffee! Yum!

field trip :: wonder hill market

Our Saturday started off with a trip to the Wonder Hill Market at the Miller pub between London Bridge and the Borough Market. We arrived just 30 minutes after their doors opened, so it was still pretty quiet, but plenty of handmade and vintage finds. The pub was also quite nice. Plenty of art on the walls including that papery white installation on the ceiling and a large selection of thai food on the menu (this is the second pub that I know that serves thai food, so definitely a change from a burger and chips!).

(northcote pub in clapham junction)

We were going to head to the Borough Market afterwards, but decided to head back to Clapham Junction and grab a coffee and make a quick visit to Waitrose. One of the biggest differences that we have experienced since moving here, is that we eat out a lot less. About 95% less than when we were back in Vancouver. I think this is partly due to us not exactly knowing where to go for good food or being able to quickly hop into the car and grab some take away. This also means that we go food shopping a lot. Our fridge is the size of a roomy bar fridge with a matching freezer next to it. I also find that things expire quicker here like milk and veg, so we end up visiting the store usually about every other day.