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london, uk :: here and there

No matter how many times I visit London, I always discover something new. Whether it be a new favourite shop, new treat to eat, or a new neighbourhood to discover. On this trip, we found Exmouth Market in Clerkenwell, a hub of activity dating back to the Middle Ages. See that shop called ‘The Family Business‘? Inside, you can browse the portfolios of the local, and many visiting international practitioners that see a term here as a rite of passage. Each artist will create a bespoke design just for you, but if you want a tattoo by owner Mo Coppoletta, you will have to add your name to the year long wait list.

Other favourites at Exmouth Market: GNF (mid-century furniture + vintage fabric), Caravan, Family Tree, Medcalf, Space, and Brill (to name a few).

Oh, and that mac + cheese at Pizza East? I’m still having cheesy dreams!

in the city ::

It’s been an emotional rollercoaster the last few days while we prepare for our move back to Vancouver. We have been busy playing “weigh the suitcase”, organizing boxes, cleaning, and listing things for sale. We had guests over on the weekend, and I forgot to leave extra towels and mugs for them – oops! It was all good though. Our last week here was spent enjoying London’s first snow fall, getting caught in a nightmare traffic jam enroute to the best burgers ever at Brixton Village (4.5 hour round trip from East Putney to Brixton!!), trying out new-to-us coffee shops in Chancery Lane + Shoreditch, seeing the London Summer Olympics 2012 medals at the British Museum, researching future shop tours, and rediscovering macarons (pistachio + vanilla are my fav!).

I’m currently sitting on the floor of the living room waiting for the internet people to disconnect our service. It may be a little quiet the next few days while we travel and settle in, but we will check in soon! In the meantime, feel free to stay in touch via twitter! See you soon sushi Vancouver!


in the city :: a little bit of SW London

Our past week in London consisted of a little bit of everything! I wasn’t too sure what photos to post, so I decided to include a few snapshots of this and that. A friend of ours found a quick last minute deal on flights, so we took her to the antique market and grabbed a quick cuppa as we got caught up! (above: bus #170 through battersea, tooting tram + social club)

A walk through Holborn to the British Museum

We had to pick up a few things for the house and decided to grab a cold drink and stroll through Clapham Junction… It was late Sunday afternoon and definitely quieter than normal out. Many shops were starting to close up.

London experienced an abnormally warm Spring, but then the rains rolled in and I thought that Summer was never going to return. I turned out to be wrong. A heat wave hit London yesterday and wowee, it’s hot! Dinner on the terrace!

Hope you all had a great weekend and enjoyed some sunshine!