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london, uk :: here and there

No matter how many times I visit London, I always discover something new. Whether it be a new favourite shop, new treat to eat, or a new neighbourhood to discover. On this trip, we found Exmouth Market in Clerkenwell, a hub of activity dating back to the Middle Ages. See that shop called ‘The Family Business‘? Inside, you can browse the portfolios of the local, and many visiting international practitioners that see a term here as a rite of passage. Each artist will create a bespoke design just for you, but if you want a tattoo by owner Mo Coppoletta, you will have to add your name to the year long wait list.

Other favourites at Exmouth Market: GNF (mid-century furniture + vintage fabric), Caravan, Family Tree, Medcalf, Space, and Brill (to name a few).

Oh, and that mac + cheese at Pizza East? I’m still having cheesy dreams!

london, uk :: broadway market

Yes, I have posted pictures of Broadway Market on here before. It is my absolute favourite market in London (UK) – hands down. Over the past year, we must have eaten up and down the streets too many times to count… mushroom risotto, hog roast, banh mi, roast beef + yorkshire pudding sandwiches, cheesecake… See that Fred Cooke store selling jellied eels? They have been at the Broadway Market since 1900!

It was pouring rain the first Saturday after we landed, but we decided to head out to the market anyways. Since we are staying in central London, our journey to the market has been shortened by half and we arrived just when the market was opening up. We tucked into a coffee shop when the rain really started coming down and picked up some fruit then decided on some sandwiches before heading back home to dry off. The perfect start to the weekend!

city guide :: London (UK) Antique Markets

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A stroll through an antique fair or market is possibly one of my favourite things to do no matter which country I am in. I love the thrill of the hunt and sometimes, the heartbreak of losing out to somebody else or the regret of not getting something when I should have. To help make things easier for you, I decided to do a part two of my London, UK city guide (see part one here) and list all of the antique markets that we have visited. Like I mentioned before, I realize that we have only been here for almost a year and have barely scratched the surface, so this is an open list and I invite you to share your favourites!

Sunbury Antiques Market: With over 700 stall holders during the summer months (indoor + outdoor), this has to be the largest market that I have ever been to. Held bi-monthly, it’s quite a trip out here, but well worth especially if you are looking for furniture. Make sure you arrive early though, as some stalls will start packing up around 11am.

Wimbledon Car Boot: This is a hit and miss sale in my opinion. I’ve been twice and came back empty handed, but have spoken to people that swear by this place. Open three days a week – Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday, you can find a wide range of items from clothing to crockery to silverware and jewellery. Bring cash and be prepared to bargain. Wimbledon Greyhound Stadium, Plough Lane, SW17 0BL | £2 early bird, 50p after the first hour – see here for hours + more info

Bermondsey Antiques Market: For the early birds! The world famous bermondsey antiques market runs from 4am to 1pm every Friday.  This is an antiques dealers market, so I don’t recommend it for those looking for vintage / retro goods.

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Old Spitalfields Antiques Market: Every Thursday, the Spitalfields market transforms into a treasure trove of antiques and vintage goods. There are some homewares and maybe a smidgen of furniture, but the stalls are mainly filled with clothing and women’s accessories. Worth a stroll as you never know what you will find and a great excuse to stop at my favourite coffee spot for a mocha!

Camden Passage Antiques Market: Camden Passage is such a lovely stroll any day of the week, but make sure to head out here on Saturday for the antiques market. With about 20 stalls, it’s not huge, but there are plenty of shops and restaurants along the stretch for you to enjoy.

Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair: Judy holds vintage events throughout England, so check out her website for more details. Basically, she has two specific ones in London – one focused on clothing and accessories and another called the vintage furniture flea. I really enjoy her events. They are usually in convienent locations, dealers are easy to work with and everything is displayed nicely. The downside of this, is that once it reaches central London, you may discover a matching price tag, so keep this in mind.

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North London Vintage Market: 20 handpicked vendors selling mid-century goods, clothing and jewellery, homewares, books and toys. It costs £1.50 to attend, but worth a peek as it is very nicely curated and you never know if you will find “the one”!

Pop-Up Vintage Fairs: To be honest, I haven’t been to this one, but have their next event circled! I have heard great things and am super excited to check out the 40 handpicked vendors and the beautiful Islington Assembly Hall. Don’t miss their pop-up tea room and beauty parlour!

ClockTower Market: Located in Greenwich, we went by last weekend and there were a 10-15 stalls set up with a mix of vintage clothing, knick-knacks, records and some furniture. Keep in mind that it’s January right now, so I’m assuming it will be busier when it warms up.

honourable mentions: Both chatsworth market and broadway market have a few (2-3) vintage stalls. I’ve picked up an amazing vintage Pyrex dish from one of the stalls for £3, so if you are heading there for fruit and veg or for some street food, definitely check it out. If you have a vehicle or wish to sign up for one of their bus tours, the Ardingly Antiques & Collectors Fair is the largest in South England. Thanks to @Minnie_Grace for the tip!

in the city ::

It seems like we ate a lot of cake this week and thinking back, I think we did – victoria sponge at Drink, Shop & Do, coffee and walnut at the Cake Hole and lemon cheesecake from Broadway Market – Yum! I need to pick up some nice sandwich tins, so that I came make more sponge cake when I get home. Maybe experiment with different fillings and have a cake tasting party? Wouldn’t that be nice!

This week also had us on a bit of a furniture buying spree. I had a few things on my wish list that I wanted to find and bring back with us for both a secret project and for our own home. I can’t believe how many pieces of furniture we are going home with! Our crate home has now increased by 75% – yikes! That being said, Robert had forgotten to include two pieces of large furniture in our original quote, so maybe it’s not that bad. I want to show you my finds now, but it may have to wait until we get back to Vancouver. The light hasn’t been great and my favourite piece is being delivered a day before the crate movers arrive as it won’t fit up the stairwell!

field trip :: hackney city farm

It was really cold in London earlier in the week. No snow though, so I’m thanking my lucky stars for that (sorry, but not a fan!). Last weekend, friends came down for a visit from Cambridge and we trekked out to the Broadway Market. I love this place. It was absolutely packed and our typical go-to lunch spot wasn’t there, which forced us to try all the other things that we always talk about, but never end up eating like the mushroom risotto (delish!) and the roast beef sandwiched between a yorkshire pudding for Robert.

It was blue skies and sun, so we walked through Hackney City Farm as this was on my list of things to do before leaving. After thinking we got lost, we finally found ourselves in the right place – a farm in the middle of the city. If you are in the Shoreditch area or find yourself between Broadway Market and Columbia Road, definitely pop in for a visit. I heard their Sunday brunch is a must do.