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gift guide :: Easter Fun

EasterGuideHippity-hop! A super cute gift guide of treats inspired by bright Easter colours.

left to right:

{top} Quin Candy | Pocket Mates | Leather Satchel Co.
{middle} Locomotive Clothing | Hello!Lucky | Delfonics
{bottom} RICE DK | Mistura | Herbivore Botanicals

the past 3 weeks

the_everyday_MayIt’s been a while. My 1 week break turned into 3 and although I’m not sure if I’m ready to take on a 5 day / week blogging schedule, I am happy to be back on here. To be honest, I was feeling a bit burnt out after Got Craft and earlier in April went through a small phase of self doubt and needed a change. One of the most important points that I took home from the blogshop Vancouver (more on that soon!) course is to step away from the computer and go experience life in order to create unique content. So what have we been up to? A little bit of everything! I’ll be sharing a few adventures and new finds on here soon. Right now, I need to work on the not so glamourous life of catching up on emails and list making.

Thanks for following along and stopping in!

city (eating) guide :: oahu, hi

Oahu1oahu2oahu3oahu4oahu5oahu6My very first plane trip was back in 1984 when we went on a family trip to Hawaii with my aunt, uncle, mother, and grandmother. I have to admit, I can’t remember much as I was only a few years old except for the fact that I refused to swim in the ocean and my grandma bought me a coconut purse!

Robert and I started coming to Hawaii in 2010 and fell in love. Our holidays here are pretty low-key and most of our time is divided between lounging, swimming, and eating shave ice. Seriously, this could be a new food group – YUM! We always start our trip in Oahu and normally island hop between the Big Island and Maui with the latter being my favourite (more on that later). Here’s some favourite places to eat in Oahu, HI that you won’t want to miss out:

Ted’s Bakery || Serving everything from breakfast to desserts, it is a popular spot for local surfers. Make a stop here for the Chocolate Haupia Cream Pie which you can purchase by the slice in the ‘help yourself’ section of the refrigerator.

Giovanni’s Shrimp Truck || The garlic shrimp scampi was my favourite compared to the lemon butter and you can smell the garlic as soon as you get out of the car. Shrimp was clean and flavourful and if you head to the location in the North Shore, you may even spot a black and white cat waiting hanging out underneath the truck.

matsumoto shave icematsumoto shave ice catsMatsumoto Shave Ice || I can’t believe we waited this long to try shave ice! I heart this place so much that we almost made the drive from Waikiki (1 hour) to Haleiwa each day for shave ice. For $2.50 (small size – cheapest that we found) you can pick up to 3 flavours. An additional $0.50 will get you condensed cream, azuki beans, and ice cream each. My favourites included the rainbow (lemon, strawberry, pineapple) and cherry / lycee with condensed milk on top. Take a peek for feral cats that the owners feed behind the shop (see the two above).

Kua’aina || A fast food restaurant serving sandwiches and 1/3lb burgers (medium rare and huge). The original location in Haleiwa is normally pretty busy, so you can also check out their new place at Ward Center. Skip the french fries unless you like them shoestring style.

marukame udonMarukame Udon || Another new-to-me favourite thanks to Alexis from Wave the Stick. With 400+ locations in Japan, Marukame Udon is a cafeteria style restaurant serving hot / cold udon noodles for $3.75-$5.75. Once you order your noodles, you can help yourself to add-ons such as tempura, inari, and musibi ($1.25-$1.75 each). This place is delicious and can get pretty crowded in the evenings (30minute queue), but it moves pretty quickly.


Happy travels and don’t forget the elastic trousers!

Sirayana, Trump, and Juliette

I am so happy to have my friend Lisa guest post over here today! She had contacted me wishing to share her new project, Orphan Animal Pics, and being a {crazy} cat lady, I really couldn’t say no. Plus, our cat Cleo (pictured above) was rescued from the BC SPCA just over ten years ago and I can’t imagine my life without her!


Let’s get honest for a minute here. What’s the real reason the internet exists? Is it for craft tutorials? Online shopping?  No. These things are awesome, but the internet exists for cute cat photos. We all know it, so let’s get down to business.

Sometime last year I was checking out my friend Ben’s flickr account to see his latest photos of his cats – he’s a great photographer and his cats are hilarious so it was always something interesting – and it occurred to me, if we could get photos this good of animals in shelters, people would adopt them right away. 

Fortunately, my photographer friend was up for the idea and thus was born the Orphan Animal Pics project. Now I’ve got two fantastic volunteer photographers on board and we connect with animal rescue groups in the Lower Mainland to get fantastic photos of some of their lovely animals. Since a lot of the animals rely on the internet to be noticed, we figured a smoking hot profile photo would help, just like in on-line dating – do you have space in your home for one of them?  If not – please consider being a foster home for your local rescue (always a need), or making a donation to financially support a worthy local rescue group.

BROKEN-HEARTED JULIETTE DESPERATELY SEEKS ROMEO… actually, seeks anyone willing to provide a loving home, but now that you’re reading about her….Juliette is a loving, trusting cat who was left behind by her family – how rude! Juliette, being a quiet, healthy, medium-haired black cat, doesn’t attract much attention at the shelter. She has settled among her roommates, and she’ll greet a visitor with enthusiasm if she can get them on their own without being crowded by the other cats. She is a gentle, affectionate little girl who deserves a caring forever home. She is such a nice little cat and so pretty with her fine, soft fur and smokey highlights – a real treasure for a new family… continue reading here

Trump is one of a kind – a giant Himalayan manx (no tail) cat! Gorgeous Trump is such a handsome boy it’s hard not to fall for his good looks and wonderful charm. Despite his good looks, he’s been through the shelter system twice, the first time when his owners were moving and could not take him and this time Trump was brought back because he was being too dominant with the resident cat… continue reading here.

Sirayana is a gorgeous friendly girl, who flew down from Terrace with her babies to go up for adoption! Her kittens all have homes but she’s still waiting! She’s very loving with people.  She is polydactyl (extra toes) – which was considered “lucky” by sailors. Sailors also believed polydactyl cats to be superior mousers and ratters.