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Last Monday marked my first official week back in the home office and although I loved my temporary work contract, it’s nice to beat to my own drum again. Rob’s parents came over last week for his birthday and to bring us a second load of belongings that they stored for us while we were in the UK. We went on a bit of a shopping spree picking up a kitchen table at the Ikea grand opening as well as a new camera that I have been coveting for quite awhile, and of course, my Saltwater Sandals that I ordered for Arizona arrived after my trip!

Before things get a bit crazy again with Got Craft?, road trip to Edmonton for Make it, and Scout Handmade and Vintage Market at the end of the month not to mention all the other things we are working on, we sat down and planned a few meals for the week. I finally even used the Kitchen Aid I received last Christmas and made homemade cookies and cream ice cream which was so good that we had to pace ourselves.

Hope everybody had a good week! Looking forward to spending more time on the blog again!

holiday good times!

I really enjoy the handful of days between Christmas and New Years. The time where we tidy up and prepare for the New Year and detox from all the cocktails and treats we enjoyed the last few days weeks (who are we kidding?!).

I am hoping to sit down the next day or so to write a quick 2011 round up. In the meantime, here are some of my favourite snapshots from the past few weeks in Vancouver (BC), London and Cambridge (UK) where we enjoyed an early Christmas dinner with family, good eats, visits with friends and a quick trip to Cambridge, UK for Christmas. The good times aren’t ending quite yet. We have at least one more get together for a catch up lunch tomorrow and then New Year’s Eve fireworks on the Southbank!

in the city ::

With Got Craft? coming up and us being in the US a few weeks ago, I felt like we hadn’t been out and about London for a while. Well, we sure made up for that this weekend. From a visit to North Finchley to Stoke Newington to the Regent Street Motor Show and then over to Richmond Park for Bonfire night, we truly have been zipping all over this city! Happy Sunday!

crafts for the animals

Last year, my friends Kim and Lisa decided to take a girls trip and fly to Las Vegas where they picked up a rental car and drove to southwest Utah. There, they spent a few days voluntering at the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary; the largest no-kill animal shelter in the United States. From the pictures they posted on twitter and facebook, this place not only touched their hearts, but it also inspired them to launch the crafts for the animal campaign.  The For the Animals! campaign will raise handmade donations to animal shelters, and to encourage people to tell stories about how their lives have been touched by shelter animals.

You can read all about Kim and Lisa’s stay at the BFAS on their blogs here and here. To read more about the campaign including how you can participate, click here for full details. Kim also has a crochet pattern for a pet mat that is free for all to download here and there are tons of ways to follow along – twitter | flickr | ravelry group


Growing up, I was never allowed to have pets. So, of course, as a crazy cat lady, I swooned over our neighbour’s cats – they had 3 next door and another 2 the house next to theirs. Robert has always grown up with cats, so when we first moved in together (2002), he said that we could get a cat of our own. However, I had to wait 30 days while we settle into our new apartment. Well… three days later, we were parked outside the BC SPCA and I had a list of other shelters to check out just in case. Cleo was the second cat that I saw and it was love. We brought her home… she jumped out of the box and we have been attached at the hip ever since! She’s not too friendly to others (classic siamese trait), but loves her family. Cleo is now 15 years old and lives in London, UK. Check out her Van City Kitty feature on Vancouver is Awesome here.

Stay tuned for part two where I show you how to make your own cat nip dumpling treats!