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london, uk :: columbia road

I am up to my eyeballs wrapping up the last wedding for our season and sewing projects for the upcoming IDSwest. Hope to pop  in before the end of the week to show you what I am working on, but until then, here are some more pictures from London (UK)!

Home of the famous Columbia Road Flower Market, this small area of independent shops are normally only open on the weekends with Sunday being the busiest with the market. If you have the time, I always suggest taking a stroll on both a Saturday and Sunday. It’s like night and day. You won’t even realize that you are at the same place!

Some favourites include Elphick’s (Sharon has amazing taste and I admit to spending too much on my last trip!), Suck and Chew (love the name and the decor), Treacle (click here for my Poppytalk shop tour), Beyond Fabrics (my go to place for sewing notions), and Vintage Heaven / Cake Hole (the name says it all), and Jones Dairy (pretty sure that cat lives there).



If you missed it yesterday, our next London shop tour of Treacle is up on Poppytalk! This was our first visit to Columbia Road on a Saturday instead of Sunday, the day of the infamous Columbia Road Flower Market. It was like night and day! The streets and shops along here are beautiful, like most of London (UK), so if you do have the extra time, take a stroll and pop in for a treat at Treacle!

photo credit: anamu <– have you checked out her new blog design? what are you waiting for!?

in the city ::

It seems like we ate a lot of cake this week and thinking back, I think we did – victoria sponge at Drink, Shop & Do, coffee and walnut at the Cake Hole and lemon cheesecake from Broadway Market – Yum! I need to pick up some nice sandwich tins, so that I came make more sponge cake when I get home. Maybe experiment with different fillings and have a cake tasting party? Wouldn’t that be nice!

This week also had us on a bit of a furniture buying spree. I had a few things on my wish list that I wanted to find and bring back with us for both a secret project and for our own home. I can’t believe how many pieces of furniture we are going home with! Our crate home has now increased by 75% – yikes! That being said, Robert had forgotten to include two pieces of large furniture in our original quote, so maybe it’s not that bad. I want to show you my finds now, but it may have to wait until we get back to Vancouver. The light hasn’t been great and my favourite piece is being delivered a day before the crate movers arrive as it won’t fit up the stairwell!

field trip :: hackney city farm

It was really cold in London earlier in the week. No snow though, so I’m thanking my lucky stars for that (sorry, but not a fan!). Last weekend, friends came down for a visit from Cambridge and we trekked out to the Broadway Market. I love this place. It was absolutely packed and our typical go-to lunch spot wasn’t there, which forced us to try all the other things that we always talk about, but never end up eating like the mushroom risotto (delish!) and the roast beef sandwiched between a yorkshire pudding for Robert.

It was blue skies and sun, so we walked through Hackney City Farm as this was on my list of things to do before leaving. After thinking we got lost, we finally found ourselves in the right place – a farm in the middle of the city. If you are in the Shoreditch area or find yourself between Broadway Market and Columbia Road, definitely pop in for a visit. I heard their Sunday brunch is a must do.