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Counting down the remaining days of my work contract and savouring as much as this City as we can.  Plenty keeping us busy lately and spending too much money time grabbing warm croissants for breakfast and sandwiches for lunch to help us through the long days. This week’s theme is “get’er done”, but first, maybe an afternoon nap or a quick jaunt to Oxford Circus? I am the Queen of Procrastination.

  1. An overcast London Eye
  2. Rare roast beef and horseradish sandwiched inside a yorkshire pudding
  3. Imperial War Museum
  4. Brick Lane street art
  5. Detour through Baker Street tube station
  6. Outfit shot courtesy of Robert
  7. Early morning Regent Street
  8. Flat white and sandwich with pretzel bread from Prufrock
  9. Covent Garden

in the city ::

We stayed close to home this weekend to catch up on work, but did venture over to Covent Garden to check out the living lego greenhouse. Designed by Sebastian Bergne as part of the London Design Festival, the entire greenhouse is made of lego including the earth (little brown bricks)!

And if you have the time, go check out the Power of Making exhibit at the V&A. Displayed works include the handcrafted puppet from the film Fantastic Mr. Fox, a giant gorilla by David Mach (pictured above) made of wire coat hangers and my favourite, the miniature pencil sculptures by Dalton Ghetti.

we <3 friday!

The Bermondsey Square Antiques Market is world famous and with a start time of 4am, we had big plans to wake up early and head over to see what it was all about. We didn’t exactly make it at the crack of dawn, but it was great to peruse the stalls and check out the goods.

Afterwards, we hopped on the tube to Leicester Square, but it was too early and nothing was opened. The weather was warm, so we walked to Covent Garden, through Neal’s Yard and then back to Chinatown to pick up a quick snack for the bus ride home.

As you can see from this post, I love bouncy balls and was so excited to find this old school toy machine outside a local shop by the Borough station. Only 20p! So tempting, but the people downstairs would absolutely hate me.

field trip :: canada day in london

We took bus #87 down to Trafalgar Square this morning for the Canada Day celebrations. This is one of my favourite bus routes as it takes you past the Tate Britian, Parliament, Westminster Abbey, Trafalgar Square and right into the theater district. As promised, there was poutine, hockey, mounties, root beer, lays potato chips and plenty of people with Canadian accents. We lined up at the Tim Hortons booth, ate our doughnuts and then ventured over to Covent Garden. Tomorrow we are off to Stoke Newington for the North London Vintage Market! It’s a busy busy weekend with loads to see!

How was your day? What did you do to celebrate?