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let them eat sweets

After 12 long weeks waiting for our shipping container to arrive, I am excited to start baking again! I tend to prefer salty treats to sweet desserts, but how can you resist these beautiful images from Sweetapolita! A cake designer, food blogger, and self proclaimed “baking fanatic and baked good junkie”, see her full flickr photostream here.

images via Sweetapolita

in the city :: instagram

Last Monday marked my first official week back in the home office and although I loved my temporary work contract, it’s nice to beat to my own drum again. Rob’s parents came over last week for his birthday and to bring us a second load of belongings that they stored for us while we were in the UK. We went on a bit of a shopping spree picking up a kitchen table at the Ikea grand opening as well as a new camera that I have been coveting for quite awhile, and of course, my Saltwater Sandals that I ordered for Arizona arrived after my trip!

Before things get a bit crazy again with Got Craft?, road trip to Edmonton for Make it, and Scout Handmade and Vintage Market at the end of the month not to mention all the other things we are working on, we sat down and planned a few meals for the week. I finally even used the Kitchen Aid I received last Christmas and made homemade cookies and cream ice cream which was so good that we had to pace ourselves.

Hope everybody had a good week! Looking forward to spending more time on the blog again!

gcuk :: sneak peeks :: petitplat

I first discovered PetitPlat through my obsession with miniatures and especially with my love of fake food, so when I received her application to Got Craft? UK, I almost fainted. Well, maybe not quite, but there was a lot of hand waving, smiles and maybe a few screams of joy! The amount of effort and detail that Stéphanie puts into each clay sculpture is simply amazing especially when you realize that most of her work is smaller than a penny!

Meet Stéphanie and shop for miniature versions of your favourite food at Got Craft? London on Sunday, November 27th, 2011 from 11am-5pm at the Tooting Tram and Social!

all images from petitplat

wedding wednesday :: we all scream for ice cream!

found via creature comforts, photo credit: Cindy Loughridge (aka *Cinnamon)

With some couples looking for an alternative to the traditional wedding cake, it seems that other desserts such as ice cream is getting some time under the spotlight! Check out some of these tasty ideas! What’s your favourite flavour? Ever since I was a small child, I have always loved chocolate chip mint.

found via you are my fave, photo credit: He and She Photography

Rent an ice cream cart like this one from Sweet Lucie’s in lieu of a dessert table or give your guests a sweet surprise! You can customize your cone or cup wrappers and even rename the flavours to suit your theme!

found via style me pretty, photo credit: lark photography

Don’t forget the sundae toppings! Especially when your display looks this amazing.

found via eat drink chic, photo credit: Helene Dujardin, cup design by: eat drink chic

photo credit: Amy Moss

Choose some fun paper cups that match your theme and / or wedding colours. Check out this amazing DIY ice-cream parlour buffet concept by Eat Drink Chic including free downloads to make your own signs and cup designs.

Or if you are in the United States, go the old fashioned ice cream truck route with King Kone (no.1), Van Leeuwen Ice Cream (no.2), Cool Haus (below) and Gold Coast Ice Cream Truck Co (last picture).