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field trip :: save on meats

Ack! This post is long overdue, but better late than never right?! Last month, we visited Save On Meats for their DIY workshops which we purchased via Groupon to learn how to make our own bacon, pancetta, and sausages. My family used to shop at Chinatown every Saturday and then we would make our way to Woodward’s and Army + Navy for a malt or hot dog. I remember Save On Meats well and I am pleased to see what it has become today with the cafe / meat shop / cooking facilities / classroom space (coming soon!).

I have learned that meat isn’t exactly the most attractive thing to photograph and as we made the sausages in one of the meat lockers upstairs, the light wasn’t the best. I will say that both the workshop and the company was fantastic, and I will never purchase bacon again. D.I.Y. (do-it-yourself) all the way! We are pretty much through (we did give some away!) the several pounds of meat that we brought home and I can’t wait to truly document our second attempt! Cheers to newfound skills!

field trip :: nelson the seagull

A few years ago, I would have never thought to walk down Hastings and Carrall Street in Vancouver. Honestly, I probably wouldn’t even go past Dressew, but the City has changed. Holy moly, has it changed! One early morning walk later, we discovered fantastic eateries and shops such as Old Faithful Shop, Cartem’s Donuterie, Revolver Coffee, Meat and Bread, and Nelson the Seagull. And really, with a tagline of “Bread and Coffee”, did you expect anything else, but brilliant toast and flat whites? Yes! Flat whites!

Nelson the Seagull
315 Carrall Street, Vancouver