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giveaway :: Leather Satchel

leathersatchellfsSince we didn’t get a chance to announce our next giveaway last month, we wanted to make sure that it was a good one. We’re super excited to share that our next contest is for a Leather Satchel Co tote bag (valued ~ $185.00 CDN). Contest ends on Thursday, November 10th, so make sure to check out the giveaway posts over on our instagram feed here to enter before it’s too late!

No cash value. Prize must be claimed within two weeks of the contest close date. Tote size and colour may not be as pictured. Open to North American residents only.

See the full selection of leather satchel totes in the London Fields Shoppe online shop here!

image via @daphnemodeandthecity

shop talk :: Frankie issue #56

Frankie-Magazine-2Frankie-2Frankie-3Frankie-4Frankie-5When I first discovered Frankie, it was love at first sight. I follow their blog and their social media, but it was only last summer when I * finally * found a physical copy of the magazine that I could call my own. You see, Frankie is a bi-monthly magazine based in Australia, that is pretty much impossible to find locally. And when you do find a single copy stuck in the lifestyle section of your magazine shop, it is usually 2 issues behind. Yeah, true story.

Well friends, that is about to change because guess what arrived at my door step yesterday!? FRANKIE MAGAZINE ISSUE #56!  Just available for sale last Monday in Australia, you can be one of the first people in Canada to own a copy! Issues will be available at London Fields Shoppe (692 E. Hastings Street, Vancouver), but obviously, based on the picture in our last blog post, we won’t be open for another few weeks. So, in the meantime, email us at hello @ to reserve a copy for pick up (South Granville or at Knit City, and Urban Market).  Each copy is $19.95 CDN and we only have a limited quantity of 10. Smith Journal is also available, more on that later! 

Read more about frankie magazine here. Issue #56 “We’ve got an ode to first sharehouses, chats with cat ladies, the quietest of quiet furniture, well-dressed beds and a look at the ’80s british indie scene (hello morrissey and much floppy hair!) and how about a bit of love advice from marky ramone, some hip hop cakes, the science of left-handedness, 3d sugar printing – yes, it’s real – snazzy sandals and international nannas showing off their best chow? for those with a crafty bent, we have some pretty ideas for festive décor from some of our favourite maker types (spoiler alert: no santas or reindeer). and if that’s not enough to keep your fingers busy, we invited five rad artists to create some relatively grown-up colouring-in pages for you to scribble and doodle on at will”.

featured artist :: sam made

from the archives: 24.08.09

name: Samantha Wagner
company: Sam Made
links: shop | blog | twitter

What do you make?
I make bags mostly. Recently I started making jewelry by painting on porcelain pendants. I am really enjoying this new medium. I also make chocolate mustaches, and a mean spinach smoothie.

What or who inspires you?
Anyone making and creating. Vintage pieces, people’s nostalgia to said pieces and the feeling of nostalgia of newer generations for times they unfortunately were born too late for. Scandinavian design, particularly their textiles!

How did you get started?
I’ve always made things, as most creative people have, I believe. Before I knew how to sew (as a kid) I would glue fabric together. I was always keen on making money being creative too. From a kool-aid stand with homemade cookies on the corner of my cul-de-sac to making friendship bracelets and selling them at our yard sales, the entrepreneurial bug bit me early. I started making and selling bags the Christmas after I quit fashion design school. I made bags for my sisters as gifts and the following March discovered via I went out immediately and got my first credit card so I could sign up.

When I moved back to the city (from the Okanagan where I was raised) I started doing craft fairs and selling in stores such as Favourite in North Van and Shop Cocoon on Cambie street.

What are your favourite materials to work with?
Fabric with bold prints. Heavy cottons, broadcloth, wool and denim. Ceramic paint and porcelain. Hardware (metal snaps)!

What is the hardest and most favourite part of crafting?
I suppose for me, it’s the pressure to sell what I create that stifles me most creatively. I find my most satisfying moments are derived from making a gift for someone, or even a custom order. It’s thinking about a person individually and figuring out how to combine my style and their preferences that I enjoy. I think the “pressure to sell” aspect of creating (or crafting) is two-fold for me. Just as there is a pressure to create something someone will like enough to swap their hard-earned cash for, having someone like something I make enough to do so is my favourite moment of creating.

I’d also like to acknowledge the issue of hoarding supplies. Considering my studio is the dining room of a small one-bedroom apartment, needing to keep everything I could potentially use is a tad overwhelming sometimes.
Lovely Package and The Die Line: both sites dedicated to product and package design. Very inspirational and so many beautifully designed products.

What are some of your favourite links
Lovely Package and The Die Line: both sites dedicated to product and package design. Very inspirational and so many beautifully designed products.

A Cup of Jo: I love her personality and all the things she posts about. And her Wednesday giveaways are always exciting.

Color Me Katie: An amazing photograper who is able to capture (and orchestrate) so many magical and beautiful images.

Oh Happy Day!: Another great blog that features incredible products, fashion and style. Jordan also makes some fabulously creative invitations.

Do you have any advice for those in the biz?
Just do it. I mean, yes, it is of course important to have a plan (for advice on this I recommend books such as The Boss of You and Craft Inc.). But I have found I have spent countless hours thinking about what I want to do and looking at what other people are doing and admiring their successes rather than working on my own.

(photo images courtesy of Sam Made)

If you are interested in being featured, please send us an email at info(at)gotcraft(dot)com.