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field trip :: nelson the seagull

A few years ago, I would have never thought to walk down Hastings and Carrall Street in Vancouver. Honestly, I probably wouldn’t even go past Dressew, but the City has changed. Holy moly, has it changed! One early morning walk later, we discovered fantastic eateries and shops such as Old Faithful Shop, Cartem’s Donuterie, Revolver Coffee, Meat and Bread, and Nelson the Seagull. And really, with a tagline of “Bread and Coffee”, did you expect anything else, but brilliant toast and flat whites? Yes! Flat whites!

Nelson the Seagull
315 Carrall Street, Vancouver

field trip :: greenwich

Dear Greenwich, I am sorry that I had never visited before. For some reason, I thought that you were far, far away. However, apparently you are only in zone 2! Sheesh!

We visited Greenwich for the very first time last Sunday to say the least. Dating back to 1433, Greenwich Park will play host to the Olympic and Paralympic Esquestrian events. I made a list of places to visit, and we spent the day strolling through the Clocktower Market, Royal Obervatory, National Maritime Museum, Greenwich Park, the Queen’s House and the Royal Naval College including the Painted Hall and Chapel. We grabbed a quick lunch (chicken katsu curry on rice with veg) from the Japanese food stall at the Greenwich Market and then boarded the Thames Clipper for a quick boat ride home. My legs were aching after spending 5 hours on our feet, but what a great day it was! We’ll be back soon. x

Exmouth, UK (part one)

We arrived in Exmouth Saturday afternoon. Situated on the east coast of Devon, it gets its name from where the river Exe meets the sea. My brother in law’s family is from this area. They live in the British Virgin Islands and have already been here a week or so visiting with his side of the family. With Robert’s parents here from Vancouver, we decided to make the 3.5 hour train trip from London and spend some time by the seaside.

We are staying in a two floor rental just a few blocks from the city center. The views here are amazing, but staying across from a church whose bells ring on the hour is getting to be a bit much. Looking forward to moving in with the entire family at the end of the week to a three floor house on the marina!

field trip :: sunbury antiques market

Three busses later, a bit of wandering in Richmond and we were finally there. With over 700 stalls (we were walking forEVER!), Sunbury Antiques Market is one of the best and largest vintage / antique markets that I have ever been to. Catalogues, mid-century furniture, trinkets… these images are just a snippet of the goodies that awaited us. Free to attend, the market takes place the second and fourth Tuesday of each month.

Being newbies, I think we were a bit overwhelmed. I walked away with a new display stand for my pouches, but other that, we were in awe of all the goodies and our brains were probably trying to figure out ways on bringing this stuff home. Like M said, it’s cheap to ship things home right? * smiles *

field trip :: hyde park

It has been “one of those” weeks with plenty of up and downs and life decisions to ponder over. So, once the sun peeked through, we headed over to Knightsbridge and took a walk through Hyde Park. One of Henry VIII’s hunting parks, the royal processional road (Rotten Row) was built in 1689 and the Serpentine that runs through the park was built in the 18th century for Queen Caroline.

We spent the afternoon strolling through the paths, enjoying a coffee at the Serpentine Bar & Kitchen and took in the warm sunshine. Next time I will dress appropriately (skirt was too short) and we will hire a pedal boat!