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in the city ::

The past few weeks have been pretty hectic with new projects and finding a new-to-us flat. Vancouver, where are all your rentals?! There seems to be slim pickings lately and we both had sad faces after falling in love with a place near Oak Street only to find that it was gone within the hour even though the manager had told us there was no application to be completed and to just email him our interest. Apparently, somebody gave him a cheque, and that was the end of that – Ugh. I decided to broaden my search, so if anybody knows of anything between Fraser to South Granville from West King Edward North, please let me know!

On a more positive note, this weekend was filled with friends, salted chocolate chip cookes from the Gluten Free Epicurean (seriously addicted), a special one year old’s birthday, and me playing Dance Central on the Kinect for two and a half hours in my mom’s basement on Saturday night. Let me just tell you.. it has been a pretty sore Sunday!  Hope everybody had a fabulous weekend!