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DIY :: confetti business cards

DIY biz card1DIY biz card 4DIY biz card2DIY biz card3We commissioned the super talented the pauhaus to help us redesign our business cards last year. Aren’t they cute? They say ‘can’t wait to hear from you!’ on the back. I’m such a sucker for heart shapes and polka dots!

To get ready for Indie I Do this Saturday, I hole punched some neon card stock that I already had to make it look like the “confetti / polka dots” on our business cards. I then placed a handful of confetti and the card into a glassine envelope that I purchased on Etsy and sealed everything with a piece of washi tape. Find me at the show to pick one up!

inspire :: yo shimada

Yo Shimada of Japanese architect company, Tato Architects, has created a post-it note structure with the help of students from Kyoto University of Art and Design. The installation is composed of 30 thousand post-it notes in neon colours that were carefully stuck to each other to form a wall-like structure running through the gallery. Simply amazing!

found via our work, images via designboom