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the past 3 weeks

the_everyday_MayIt’s been a while. My 1 week break turned into 3 and although I’m not sure if I’m ready to take on a 5 day / week blogging schedule, I am happy to be back on here. To be honest, I was feeling a bit burnt out after Got Craft and earlier in April went through a small phase of self doubt and needed a change. One of the most important points that I took home from the blogshop Vancouver (more on that soon!) course is to step away from the computer and go experience life in order to create unique content. So what have we been up to? A little bit of everything! I’ll be sharing a few adventures and new finds on here soon. Right now, I need to work on the not so glamourous life of catching up on emails and list making.

Thanks for following along and stopping in!

i love :: owen davey #myroyalplate

In reponse to the Royal Wedding and all the memorabilla goodies that were created for it, Orange asked the general public to tell them about a special un-royal moment that they would like to remember with their own commemorative plate.

Teaming up with Illustrator Owen Davey, the best answers were chosen and in two weeks, he created 33 designs. Here are a few of my favourites. Please visit his website here to see more of his amazing work and to check out the complete set of plates.

found via where the lovely things are