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new :: Quin Candy

Sugar crush! We picked up a new Quin Candy order last week just in time for Valentine’s Day! Raspberry lollipops, blackberry tangerine and strawberry lemon gumdrops, and new Dreams Come Chew now with fruit punch and pineapple + coconut (!!) flavours!

Based in Portland (OR), Quin Candy is handmade in small batches using top notch ingredients such as real Oregon berries and specially blended fruit and vegetable extracts for colour and flavour. Each piece of candy is then cut by hand before being packaged for you to enjoy – YUM. We popped open the strawberry lemon gumdrops and we had to hide them before we finished the bag. Taste testing, right? Seriously though. Pick up a bag (or 2 or 3!) online or come by the shop before we eat them all!

Click here to see our full range of Quin Candy!

new :: Quin Candy

Quin1We now carry sweets from Quin Candy based in Portland, OR including Salty + Sweet Caramels, Woodblock Chocolate Caramels, Dreams Come Chew, and Candy Countdown Calendars – an advent calendar filled with asorted candies (lollipops, fruit chews, caramels) – Perfect for those that don’t like chocolate! One window to open each day including Christmas plus 3 bonus windows when you need an extra sugar kick!

Find them in-store or online here … because candy is magic!

field trip :: schoolhouse electric

After seeing a quick tweet about Schoolhouse Electric a few months ago, I quickly added it to my “must visit” list during our next trip to Portland. However, it wasn’t until I stepped into their amazing showroom, when I had a déjà vu moment and realized that I had already been here (Schoolhouse Electric used to be located on MLK across from the now closed Paper Zone in Portland)!

If I had an endless budget, I could have easily come home with a car full of classic fixtures and period lighting… and especially this + that.

In addition to the showroom on the main floor, the space is shared with Anna Mara Floral Design and Ristretto Roasters where we enjoyed a cold brew. I love how they used vintage library catalogues to hold secret messages!

Schoolhouse Electric
2181 NW Nicolai Street, Portland, OR 97210
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portland, or may 2012 – part two

If I had to move to America and had to choose a place from the Cities that I have visited, my top picks would be San Francisco, CA and Portland, OR. My two favourite places in the US! Here is the last round up of pictures that I took during our last trip to Portland, OR last week. Hope to squeeze in another visit after our return from the Summer Olympics!

pictured above:
Stumptown Coffee Roasters in Belmont where we picked up a few cold brews!

Monticello Antiques where Rob found himself a long handled ice cream scoop and I picked up a small bowl to add to my Pyrex collection. (Not pictured is the beautiful green cabinet with the matching green enamel top!)

Knittn’ Kitten – This is a unique Portland experience that all crafters should visit at least once.

Coava – part woodworking workshop, part coffee shop

Been hearing about Pok Pok‘s chicken wings for over a year, so we * had * to go try them. Thoughts? Good, but I still prefer the ones from Wo Fung Dessert at Aberdeen Mall.

After Pok Pok, we strolled down Division Street and peeked into a thrift store… R almost stepped on a dead squirrel on the sidewalk which was followed by me screaming like a girl (loud enough for passing cars to stop and stare)… and then continuing down the block until we stumbled across a group of food carts including the pie spot. Yup… a typical Portland day!


Catch up on part one over here or check out my Portland city guides: part one | part two | part three

portland, or may 2012 – part one

We arrived home from Portland Saturday night, but I will be sharing some images from our trip over the next day or two (plus one field trip!). If you are thinking of going on your own road trip, make sure to check out my PDX city guides here: part one | part two | part three

pictured above:
croissant and a coffee from Grand Central Bakery
attention cat lovers! portland is filled with cats!
little big burger – 3 words – truffle oil fries
Tom Tom + chickens from Pistils Nursery
walking through Mississippi
pretty dresses at flutter
hostess outlet store <- I * had * to go in.