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field trip :: llwyngwril, wales pt 3

Our friends Melanie and Eric were married at the beginning of June . Yes, that’s Robert looking all spiffy as co-Best Man.

About 40 guests from the UK, Calgary and the Lower Mainland came together to Llwyngwril to celebrate the special day. Almost all of us stayed at the Pentre Bach Holiday Cottage pictured at the top. The owners were super nice as we took over the entire place and their 15 year old cat Coco was just the sweetest (pictured below)!

The wedding ceremony was held at the Talyllyn Railway where a historic steam train took us 11.8km up to Abergynolwyn Station. Afterwards, we enjoyed a tea reception at the station and then headed back to the cottage for the reception. Pimms + cheese = bliss!

field trip :: llwyngwril, wales pt 2

Here are some more snapshots from our walk around the village. Robert also went on a short hike (all I had was flip flops) and a resident was wondering who was wandering up the hills until he heard their accents and realized that the Canadians were approaching!

I’m a city girl at heart, but this mini-break was so much fun. I don’t think I have ever traveled with this many people at once before nor have I ever been to a place with SO much sheep. Baa! I’m also pretty sure that our group nearly wiped out the grocery store! It’s quite a feat to feed 30 people three meals a day! One more set of pictures to come…