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The Art of Food and Prop Styling with the Artful Desperado

LFSFoodPropStylingThe Artful Desperado returns to London Fields Shoppe this September with a new workshop, The Art of Food and Prop Styling! This was one of our most popular workshops last spring and we sold out so quickly that the second date filled before we could properly announce it! We listened to your feedback from the first class and slightly tweaked the course content to focus on styling, rather than photography. We extended the length of the session and decreased the number of students, so space is * very * limited.

Two dates available:
Saturday, September 12th or Saturday, September 19th, 2015
10:00 am to 2:30 pm
London Fields Shoppe – 692 East Hastings Street, Vancouver (BC)

Cost: $250.00 plus tax | max. 8 students

To see the full course content including registration, click here.

image via The Artful Desperado

note: Workshops are a final sale and are non-refundable. Class dates / times are non-transferable.

Styling + Photography Workshop with the Artful Desperado

StylingWorkshop-1I first met Gabriel at an impromptu breakfast back in 2013 and have been a fan of his work ever since. Have you checked out his blog, The Artful Desperado? It’s amazing and I’m super excited that he’ll be hosting a styling and photography workshop on Saturday, May 23rd in our shop space!

This hands on workshop is designed to teach you the basics of styling and photography. It will be jampacked with pro advice to take your styling game to the next level.

Lessons include: the process of styling from beginning to end, natural light and composition, basics of photo editing, affordable photography equipment and props (including practicing with some rad products from London Fields Shoppe and a few DIY tips), and tips for using images on social media.

Learn how to bring your vision to life, develop your style, and meet a bunch of creative Vancouverites. Win/win!



Saturday, May 23rd, 2015Sold Out – thank you!
Saturday, June 13th, 2015 – Sold Out – thank you!
New dates to be added for September – TBD
10:00am to 2:00 pm (15 minute break included)
London Fields Shoppe – 692 East Hastings, Vancouver

Equipment required:

  • Camera (DSLR preferred but not required. Phone cameras are welcome).
  • Laptop with photo editing software (You can use the one included with your camera, or you can download a trial or purchase any other kind like photoshop, gimp, etc).
  • Any additional equipment to transfer images from your camera to your laptop (e.g. usb
    cable or flash card adaptor).


Gabriel Cabrera is a Vancouver-based Food and Prop Stylist and author of the popular blog Artful Desperado. His work has been featured by several online and print publications including Bon Appetit, Huffington Post, Food52, Residence Magazine, The Kitchn, and many others. His client list includes game changing brands such as Tourism Australia, Air New Zealand, West Elm, Urban Outfitters, and Luvo Inc where he currently acts as resident Stylist and Photographer.

blog | instagram | facebook | twitter | pinterest

images by Gabriel Cabrera

shop talk :: Frankie issue #56

Frankie-Magazine-2Frankie-2Frankie-3Frankie-4Frankie-5When I first discovered Frankie, it was love at first sight. I follow their blog and their social media, but it was only last summer when I * finally * found a physical copy of the magazine that I could call my own. You see, Frankie is a bi-monthly magazine based in Australia, that is pretty much impossible to find locally. And when you do find a single copy stuck in the lifestyle section of your magazine shop, it is usually 2 issues behind. Yeah, true story.

Well friends, that is about to change because guess what arrived at my door step yesterday!? FRANKIE MAGAZINE ISSUE #56!  Just available for sale last Monday in Australia, you can be one of the first people in Canada to own a copy! Issues will be available at London Fields Shoppe (692 E. Hastings Street, Vancouver), but obviously, based on the picture in our last blog post, we won’t be open for another few weeks. So, in the meantime, email us at hello @ to reserve a copy for pick up (South Granville or at Knit City, and Urban Market).  Each copy is $19.95 CDN and we only have a limited quantity of 10. Smith Journal is also available, more on that later! 

Read more about frankie magazine here. Issue #56 “We’ve got an ode to first sharehouses, chats with cat ladies, the quietest of quiet furniture, well-dressed beds and a look at the ’80s british indie scene (hello morrissey and much floppy hair!) and how about a bit of love advice from marky ramone, some hip hop cakes, the science of left-handedness, 3d sugar printing – yes, it’s real – snazzy sandals and international nannas showing off their best chow? for those with a crafty bent, we have some pretty ideas for festive décor from some of our favourite maker types (spoiler alert: no santas or reindeer). and if that’s not enough to keep your fingers busy, we invited five rad artists to create some relatively grown-up colouring-in pages for you to scribble and doodle on at will”.

featured artist :: divesin

from the archives: 5.10.10

name: Jackie Dives
company: Divesin
links: etsy | blog

What do you make?
I mostly make collages and take photographs. I have been collaging and taking photographs since I was in elementary school. Right now my collages are taking a couple different personalities.

There is an ongoing series that I work on for craft fairs and for sale on my Etsy site. These are made on wood panels that are hollow in the back so they can be hung easily. I use images from books that would otherwise be sent to the dump. I rescue them and make something new from them.

I am also working on a series of 20 collages that each have a Chinese proverb in them. These are fun and made from all kinds of different papers.

I take photographs every day of the things I see around town. My favourite thing to photograph is people.

I also make love. I make nutritious meals from scratch, my blog, and a garden.

What or who inspires you?
Like most creative people I get inspiration from things I see when I am out and about. People, places, nature, conversations overheard on the bus. I get very inspired to create when I am grocery shopping at a market, thrifting, and drinking tea with friends. I am currently greatly inspired by these specific artists: Andy Dixon, Ronan Boyle, Jesse Reno, Chanda Stallman, Randy Laybourne.

How did you get started?
Slowly. A few years ago I pulled my hardly ever used sewing machine out of the closet in my bedroom and began making bags. My grandfather died around the same time and I was given a box of family photographs, which I used to make a series of greeting cards. I made magnets, notebooks, brooches, and other cute things. I held a craft show in my little apartment, which turned into a full time store on Main Street. Now, I’m happy to be working from home, taking my time to explore the different forms of creativity that interest me.

What are your favourite materials to work with?
I keep a glue stick and my camera with me wherever I go. I also love very old things from wood to ceramics to books to fabrics, to jars and more.

Do you have any advice for those in the biz?
Don’t give up. Being an artist is hard. Keep at it.

Do you consider yourself an artist or a crafter?
This is a hard question for me to answer. At a different point in time it might have been easier to define and separate the two words, but presently, I think they overlap and are merging into one meaning. At times I might be an artist, other times a crafter. But ultimately I am a creator. I passionately and consistently create things.

first photo via [stu-di-o] by jeanie

vintage by colour

This was originally suppose to be a post about a collection of pretty yellow pictures that I had come across on pinterest, but then I saw this post by bird + birch, and many hours later, I stumbled across Hilda Grahnat. A photographer and graphic design student based in  Malmö, Sweden, she photographs weddings, among other things, as well as run an online shop. I am in love with her vintage by color (above) collection, but you can see all of her work on her website here.

all photos by hilda grahnat