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in the city ::

We have another round of guests next week, so we have been staying at home and getting as much done as possible! I want to have lots of free time to hang out and play tourist / local, so it has been early mornings and late nights split between the sewing machine and computer – whew!

How was your weekend? Weather in London(UK) has been absolutely gorgeous lately. We enjoyed some blue skies and sunshine last weekend and headed over to Spitalfields for their Saturday Market launch and to meet some new friends. I discovered a gem of a store while I was there which I am saving for my Poppytalk column, so you are just going to have to wait. It’s well worth it though. The owners are super sweet and I even found J a kendal mint cake as she requested! We then hopped on a bus to Lewisham and visited the Brockley Market after hearing about it at the Tea and Coffee Festival at Southbank that we checked out Friday evening. Robert’s working on a (kind-of) project, so we went to listen to a local coffee shop talk about roasting your own coffee beans.

field trip :: the weekend

One thing that I love about London is that there is always so much to do. We seem to be taking full advantage of this and have been buzzing all over the city! Last weekend consisted of fish and chips at Camden Lock, meeting new friends at the Craft Guerrilla summer craft fair, exploring Walthamstow, banh mi and cheesecake at Broadway Market, the Gemma Correll exhibit at Tatty Devine, buying a vintage skirt at the Sunday Up Market in brick lane and the Vintage Festival at Southbank. Whew! Wait until you see what we were up to this weekend! <3