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rhubarb simple syrup

rhubarbsyrup-1With rhubarb season coming to an end next month, now is the perfect time to whip up a batch of simple syrup to celebrate the last few weeks of summer (sorry, but you all know it’s quickly approaching!). Simple syrups can be added to alcohol such as rum for rhubarb mojitos or sparkling water for a non-alcoholic version and left over cooked rhubarb can be used in yogurt or as a topping on your favorite desserts!

rhubarbsyrup-2rhubarb3Chop up 3-5 stalks into small pieces.

rhubarb4rhubarb5Add rhubarb to the following in a large pot – 1 cup sugar // 2 cups water // optional: pinch of nutmeg, cinnamon or a dash of vanilla. Simmer for approx. 5 minutes and let cool. This recipe may be easily doubled or tripled if you plan to host a party. Store in a mason jar or pitcher in the refridgerator for up to one week. Happy weekend!

summer love

The-Everyday-1After spending the past two years on and off in the UK, this was the first time since 2010 that we spent summer in Vancouver (BC) and what a beauty it was! We also decided to only accept referals for weddings this summer, which meant that our weekends were free for Farmers Markets, estate sales, and spending quality time with family and friends. (pictured above clockwise – planning session, heirloom tomatoes, iced americano from Matchstick Coffee, and A’hoy goods in Deep Cove)

The-Everyday-2I had planned to start a series over here called ‘5 a day’ where I would post 5 images taken from the past week in one day. Most of the images would be from my phone though, as this is what I normally have handy. Thoughts? It would be similar to my ‘in the city‘ series from 2012 when we were living overseas and it would encourage me to get out and capture more snippets of the everyday.

Anyhow. Enough gabbing. Applications to the Got Craft? holiday show closed last Monday, so there has been a flurry of emails, worksheets, and gathering images for the upcoming look book and website update. It’s hard to believe it is already September, but I’m so excited for the Fall. It is my absolute favourite season! (pictured above – Monsieur Felix, one of the neighbourhood cats)



summer times

Whomever told me that in order to feel more at home in London, I have to first leave for a good amount of time and then return, was correct. We returned to London after spending two weeks in Devon and my love for this City has doubled if not tripled! It feels so good to be back “home” and the sunny, blustery days of my favourite season (Autumn) is just pulling at the heart strings. London, I <3 you.

Here are some instagram snapshots from the past few days wandering the Riverside Walkway by the Tower Bridge, visiting the Thames Festival and enjoying the last few days of summer. Hope you had a great weekend!

A big shout out to Will from Bright.Bazaar for including us in his Sunday Bright Links post and to Ana Maria from Anamu for the delicious pictures and listing us in her three rad links post!

summer goals

found via spearmint baby, image credit: alicebaby @ tumblr

Inspired by a recent post on You Are My Fave, I decided that with the start of summer quickly approaching, I better start mapping out some goals! What are your plans?

summer lovin’ 2011:

  1. say no to pants
  2. acquire a bbq
  3. spend more time on the roof terrace
  4. take some driving lessons (robert)
  5. road trips / train trips
  6. plant tomatoes / clean up pots from last tenant
  7. make jam + pickles
  8. evening strolls
  9. visit our local farmers markets
  10. finish some personal projects (more on this later!)